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Rushden Echo, 9th October 1908, transcribed by Kay Collins

Trap Accident—An accident happened yesterday week to a party of Rushden people who had driven over to Raunds. The party comprised Mr. C. Coleman, of Newton-road, who was driving, Mrs. T. Surridge, of Brookfield-road, Mrs. T. Surridge jun., and her baby, and Mrs. Woods. After visiting Mr. and Mrs. John Surridge, of Raunds, they set out on the return journey via Chelveston and Newton Bromshold. As they were turning round the Rushden Court estate corner the shaft of the four-wheel conveyance which they had hired came off, and the whole of the occupants were pitched out. The baby was slightly scratched, but otherwise was not hurt. Most of the other members of the party received bruises and scratches, and they were a good deal shaken. Mr. Packwood jun., of Rushden, was motoring at the time to Raunds, and he at once turned round and conveyed the injured people to their homes.

Rushden Echo, 19th October 1917, transcribed by Gill Hollis

ACCIDENT – On Wednesday, a horse and trap belonging to Mr. Wyldes, of the Court Estate, was standing in the charge of a lad in the High-street, when a motor-‘bus came along.  The horse took fright, and, in spite of the lad’s efforts to hold it, backed on to the pavement in front of the Northants Union Bank, and knocked down the standard gas lamp, which only missed the Bank windows by inches.  Fortunately, no other damage was done.

The Rushden Echo, 10th February 1928, transcribed by Kay Collins

ACCIDENT—While playing in the road outside her home at Bencroft Cottages, Bedford-road, about 5 p.m. on Tuesday, a little girl of about five years of age, Molly Rowthorne, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rowthorne was knocked down by a motor-cyclist and rather badly injured. Her right leg was fractured, and she received a nasty scalp wound. The sufferer was taken to Northampton Hospital, where it was found necessary to insert three stitches in the scalp wound. Staff-Sergt. Prigmore accompanied the little girl in the motor-ambulance. She is staying at the hospital and is making good progress. The motor-cyclist, who lives at Spalding, was not to blame for the accident, we are told.
Note: If anyone has a picture of the row of cottages, Hearts & Soles would be grateful to take a copy, please.

Rushden Echo & Argus, 3rd August 1934, transcribed by Kay Collins

Fell Off Tree
Raymond Peter Sanders, aged 8, son of Mr D A Sanders, of the Court Estate, injured both arms when he fell from a tree in Newton-road on Tuesday. His brother conveyed him home on his cycle, and Dr. R W Davies was called. Master Sanders was taken to the Northampton General Hospital on Wednesday morning and was operated on in the evening.

Rushden Echo, 3rd November 1944, transcribed by Kay Collins

Boy Injured
Five-year-old Raymond King Underwood, of “Ashwood,” Court Estate, Rushden, suffered concussion and bruises to the head and knees on Sunday when he ran into the side of a motor car driven by Mr J Gray, of Kettering, in Avenue-road, Rushden. He was attended at home by Dr. Clark.

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