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"Rodney Stoke"
"Rodney Stoke", 264 Newton Road, Rushden, Northants, was a prefabricated bungalow, with 3 large bedrooms, lounge, kitchen and pantry.

Built in World War One by Mr Wrightson, the owner was a Mr Munslow, a tax inspector at Kettering.

The prefabricated bungalow
The prefabricated bungalow in Newton Road

Mr and Mrs Crossley bought it in 1946 for £400. They borrowed the money from The Free Gardeners Society on interest only at £18.00 twice a year, and paid the final balance in the 1950s.

It was used as small holding with pigs – chickens - goats and an orchard.

In 1970 when Mr Crossley passed away, it was sold to a local builder Mr Bryn Davies.

The building was then demolished and a new one built on the existing footings.

The bungalow had been named Rodney Stoke after a village in Somerset by a previous owner.

Rushden Echo and Argus, 26th October 1934, transcribed by Kay Collins

Cut FingersMr. Albert Line of "Rodney Stoke," Newton-road, has been admitted to the Northampton General Hospital with cut fingers. While working at Mr. F. Ward's factory in Duck-street he caught his fingers in a "guillotine."

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