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Warrington - Watford

Bedfordshire Times and Independent
12th September 1913

5 Roomed Bungalow.
5 acres arable pasture, good outbuildings, near Rushden.

Sutton, Court Estate, Rushden, Northants.

Avenue Cottage Ruth Emily Warrington outside Glatton
Above: Avenue Cottage - the smallholding
was first occupied by Mr Sutton.

Right: Lucy Warrington ouside "Glatton"

In 1901 Samuel and Lucy Warrington were living in Ramsey, Huntingdon, where Samuel was a Police Constable. They had 5 children: Thomas, 16, a postman born at Northampton, Charles, 13, an 'ag lab' born at Yaxley, William, 9, born at Sawtry, John, 8, born at Sawtry and Edith, 11 months, born at Spaldwick. In 1911 they were living in Hemingford Grey and had a sixth child, Ethel, who had been born in 1903 at Ramsey. About 1914 Samuel and Lucy left Ramsey, and came to live on the Court Estate. Sam had retired from the police force and bought one of the six acres plots with a bungalow from Mr Sutton, and kept it as a smallholding, growing their own fruit and vegetables, and keeping hens, and pigs. Sadly their son John was killed in 1915.

Second son, Charles was married to Ruth Emily, in 1910 at Ramsey and in 1930 he brought his family to live and work on the smallholding, eventually taking over from his father. In 1932/3 Sam had a pair of houses built on part of his land, called "Glatton" and "Thrapstonia" after the villages where he and Lucy were born. With daughter Edith, they lived in "Glatton" and daughter Ethel and her husband Albert Watford, moved into "Thrapstonia". Charles and Ruth continued to live at the old small holding bungalow - Avenue Cottage. Their children attended the school at Newton Bromswold.

During WWII Charles supplied milk for a 'round' from Holt's Lane [Higham Park Lane] to Newton Road. All the milkmen in the town were designated areas, and could only deliver there. So any exisiting customers outside his area had to change to the designated supplier.

Daughter Edith had married Alfred Mills of Irthlingborough, in 1923, but a few weeks after their marriage Alfred was killed in a terrible accident at work. After her parents died, Edith lived alone at "Glatton" and became involved in many groups at Newton Bromswold and Court Estate, and this included being organist at the church at Newton Bromswold.

When the new Memorial Hall was built Edith was asked to perform the opening ceremony.

Youngest daughter Ethel Warrington married Albert Watford in 1933, and they lived at "Thrapstonia".
"Glatton" and "Thrapstonia"
Albert Watford
Albert Watford with some pigs c1930s on the smallholding
"Glatton" and "Thrapstonia" in 2008

Bill, Cliff & Raffles
Bill Steele, Cliff Elmer & Raffles the dog c1950

Several of the family are buried in Newton Bromswold Churchyard.

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