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From the notebooks of J E Smith, transcribed by John Collins, 2008
Ditchford Bridge 1924

Ditchford Bridge

Aug 27-Sep 1. I biked to Ditchford last Wednesday, Aug. 27. All traffic of vehicles is stopped across the bridge. A Notice Board stands in middle of road at the entrance road to Ditchford, the centre of bridge (the roadway), is quite up & the men were pulling up great stones (iron-stone), with pulleys, a wooden frame is in place (or was in place) to build upon. Some of the stones are very large & heavy, one was found. Mr Pollock, the Master told me it came off some church, it might have been Rushden because Rushden, Irchester & Irthlingborough had to repair it about 1330. I have been down again today, Monday, September 1st, 1924, it was just the men’s dinner-time, one was in the shed with two dogs having his dinner, the others having dinner in a barn near the railway, a little way up Stone Cross Hill on the left. I went up to Stone Cross Inn, a little way towards Wellingborough, back a little way towards Irthlingborough, but dark clouds were coming over so I started for Rushden. I walked mostly down the hill (very dangerous). The men were putting about one 3” course of stone (station side), on the framework of arch. Mr Pollock told me he wanted to get it covered in this week if he could, whether he meant just the frames, or the road over I do not know. I came straight home, put up bike. I went to Commercial Room had cup of tea, then into church, took young fellow (stranger), up the Church Tower. I could see Stone Cross and the great Lift (crane) in stone pits up there when a few minutes before I was at Stone Cross looking at Rushden spire & then Higham, Stanwick, Irchester. There is a nest of young pigeons up above bells in Rushden tower. J. E. Smith.

NRO Ref: 285P/297
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