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Kay Collins
Extracts from the School Log Books

These extracts have been noted by random opening of the log books and are just a flavour of the school and events. A few extracts from the beginning of the first book tell us about the original book being lost in a fire, and a few of the events and holidays in 1874. The other extracts are from 1933-1942 to cover the pre-war period, and the arrival of evacuees.

The Select Committee on Education of the Poor 1818
reported that there was no provision in the village, but "some of the poor are desirous of having the means of education".

It was to come 50 years later.
The school and playground

In the year 1867 a School was built in the Parish of Newton Bromswold, Northamptonshire by public subscription, on a site given by the Warden and Fellows of All Souls' College, Oxford, which was opened on the 26th day of September 1867.
William TAYLOR Rector
*The above extract is taken from the parish register; the following extracts are from the School Log Books.
School No 165
March 23rd 1874
The Log Book previously kept in this School was destroyed by a fire which took place on the 4th of Febry 1874.
The cause of the fire is not known. I had left the room as usual soon after 4 o'clock, having fastened the door & windows & believing that all was safe; the fire in the grate had gone out earlier than usual that afternoon. Between eleven & twelve o'clock at night a smell of burning [deal] was observed & the interior of the School was found to be on fire. Water was thrown upon the burning part and the fire was happily prevented from reaching the roof, but the whole interior of the room was blackened & defaced about 30 square feet of flooring spoiled & a table containing Log Book, Registers, other School Books, writing materials and needle-work was quite destroyed. The damage was estimated at £15.9s.6d and the cost of repairs and loss of books and needle-work were defrayed by the Church of England Assurance Institution in which the building and furniture were insured.
The Log Book which was destroyed dated from April 8th 1872 on which I undertook the charge of the School. It contained a daily account of School work, mention of the visit of Mr. Myers, one of H.M.Inspectors of Schools on June 28th 1872 (when he was pleased to say that the School had improved since a former visit in 1871) and also of the visit of the Revnd F R Lawson, Diocesan Inspector of the Diocese of Peterborough on Nov 6th 1873. This gentleman's report was destroyed with the Log Book; the one in the present Log Book is a copy kindly furnished by himself. When mention was also made of the appointment of a new Assistant Teacher after the Harvest Holidays. Selina Mary Rootham took the place of her sister. The children re assembled after the repairs on Febry. 23rd , but the new Log Book was not obtained till last Saturday. School-work has been carried on as usual since the re-assembling of the children, except that on one or two days I was obliged to dismiss them, as a south west wind caused the chimney to smoke so much that we could not stay in the room.
March 2nd  A little girl who left the school some months ago returned to it in accordance with the new law for the attendance at School of all children whose parents receive out-door relief from the Union. On Febry. 27th Mrs Browning visited the school, also Mr Clive and a friend from Birmingham; these gentlemen heard the children sing and left 3.6 to be divided amongst them which I accordingly distributed on the following Monday.
The daily entries will now be continued.

Elizth. Anne Smart
Principal Teacher
*From here, 24th March, just "School as usual" or "Ordinary school" is entered on many days!
*These extracts are taken to show some of the happenings and holidays.
March 26th The Rev'nd W Taylor visited the school in the afternoon and heard the third standard read.
March 31st I admitted another little girl of 7 years old.
April 2nd The Rev'nd W Taylor visited the school in the afternoon. I dismissed the children until Tuesday, "Good Friday" and "Easter Monday" being holidays.
April 7th The children re-assembled after the Easter holiday, 22 attended in the morning & 22 in the afternoon.
April 8th I admitted another little girl of three years old.
April 20th I admitted one of the little girls, who has lately become lame, to come to school whenever she felt able.
April 24th I dismissed the children for a fortnight's holiday in consequence of cowslip picking. Selina
  Mary Rootham the Assistant Teacher was dismissed in consequence of irregularity of attendance.
May 11th I began school again but only 9 children attended as the cowslip picking was not over. I dismissed them after morning school & the holidays were extended for another week. Sarah Ann Dickins a late scholar of this school began her duties as Assistant Teacher in place of S M Rootham.
May 18th The children re-assembled to school after three weeks holiday, 19 attended in the morning and 17 in the afternoon.
May 26th I gave them a holiday being Whitsun Tuesday.
June 11th Mrs Browning and some Friends of hers visited the school in the morning, and heard the children sing and left some sweets to be distributed amongst them.
June 19th The Assistant Teacher has not attended school this week in consequence of her Mother being ill.
The Rev'nd W Taylor visited the school in the afternoon and heard the children sing.
July 3rd I dismissed the children for a weeks holiday in consequence of the Feast.
July 17th I was obliged to leave at eleven o'clock in consequence of a bad headache. Miss Taylor kept school until twelve o'clock; and the Assistant Teacher in the afternoon.
July 24th The Re'vnd W Taylor visited the school in the afternoon. I dismissed the children for the harvest holidays.
Sept 7th The children re-assembled to school after six weeks holiday during harvest.
Sept 25th I gave them a half holiday in the afternoon to help decorate the Church for the Harvest Festival.
Oct 21st The Revnd F P Lawson Diocesan Inspector visited the school & examined the children in Old & New Testament, & heard them repeat one of our Lord's Parables, also, some Hymns & Texts; & heard them sing. The Revnd W Taylor & Miss Taylor were present.
Oct 27th Received the Report from the Revnd F P Lawson Diocesan Inspector, the summary is as follows. The children in this little school passed a very satisfactory examination; the little ones shewing a very fair knowledge of their subjects, the elder ones answering questions with promptness and intelligence.
Oct 28th I dismissed the children until Monday as I was going out.
Dec 9th I admitted a little girl of this Parish who has been absent for three years. I also admitted two other little girls who have been absent for several months.
Dec 18th I dismissed the children for the Christmas holidays.
Jan 11th The children re-assembled to school after a holiday of three weeks. I gave a numeration lesson in the morning.
Jan 22nd Much larger attendance this week caused, I think, partly because of the badness of the lace-making & partly because of the children's Agricultural Act, which came into force this month.
*On several days Miss Smart "gave a lesson on Roman Numbers" or on "numeration" or gave "an object lesson on ..." a particular subject. These object lessons seem to be for one session only, either the morning or the afternoon, and were on diverse things such as leather, tea, coal, sugar, spices, weeds. These all warranted special mention as being not "Ordinary Progress" as is so often recorded for whole days. The weather and harvesting continue to reduce the attendance on many days.
25 Jan Clinic, Alfred Street - Dentist
Alan & Bevan McCartney
Gordon & Peter Sanders
Frank & Milicent Toone
Laurence Matthews
Charles Hartop - During afternoon session
10 Feb Last week 5 tons of gravel was spread over the playground
03 Jul Annual School Outing - Hunstanton - Leaving the village by motor charabancs at 7am - first halt at Wisbech where light refreshment was partaken. Next halt at Sandringham where the party, which consisted of 24 scholars and parents & friends & also the Rector the Rev W R Taylor visited Sandringham Church and also Wood Newton Church which is on the Royal Estate. Hunstanton was reached about noon. The homeward journey was commenced about 7.15pm and after a short stay at Wisbech and also at Peterborough the party safely arrived home about 11pm.
March 5th The Intelligence Test, in connection with the A.S.E. to be held on Wednesday March 14th, was held this afternoon from 2pm to 2.25pm. The candidate was Dorothy Ethel Warrington aged 11 years and 4 mths and she obtained 88 marks out of a possible 112.
March 8th The Medical Inspection took place this morning from 9.45am till 12pm. 11 Children were examined and each of the parents and a guardian were present. Also 3 retarded Children were examined by Dr. Newton.
March 14th Dorothy Ethel Warrington is Attending at the Newton Road Council Schools, Rushden, this morning from 9am to 12.20pm where arrangements have been made for her to sit for the Annual Schools Examination, she being the eligible candidate from this School this year.
March 23rd 1 gross of firelighters received this afternoon.
April 9th School reopened at 9am one scholar absent, not returned from a distance where he has been spending a holiday with his mother. Four scholars admitted on the Infants Roll, who will be five years old during the present Term, two from Yielden, one from the Court Estate and one from our village. The Diocesan's Report was received today and is as follows;-
Inspection March 20th. "This is a charming little school where quite satisfactory work is being done. I was able to penetrate the Children's shyness and to see that they are being well and sensibly taught and are responsive. Some pictures would be a great help. John Worley, Diocesan Inspector.
Apr 12th Mr Joseph McCartney elected People's Warden & Mr Harry Gadsden elected Rector's Warden - by virtue of these offices they become Foundation Managers of the Day School.
April 19th The School Dentist visited the School during morning session and examined 20 scholars, one was absent through illness.
April 23rd The School Nurse, Miss Briggs visited the school during morning session and examined all the scholars present, 24.
May 3rd The School Dentist and assistant attended at the school from 9.45am until 12 noon. Eight scholars received dental treatment, one scholar was absent.
May 17th Dorothy Ethel Warrington received notice this morning that she has ben selected on her written work in the Annual Schools Examination last March, to attend an Oral Examination on Friday, June 1st at the Wellingborough New Boys' Grammar School, after which the award of Special Places at Secondary Schools will be made.
May 18th Empire Day was celebrated this morning. A short address on "Our Empire" was given this morning, followed by the singing of National Songs & the hymn "O God our help in ages past". The children marched into the playground, saluted the flag, and sang one verse of the National Anthem. The Rector, the Rev. W. R. Taylor was present and also Mr. and Mrs. J McCartney (Manager)
The School closes today for Whitsuntide Holiday 12noon.
June 1st Dorothy Ethel Warrington is absent from school this afternoon to attend the Oral Examination at the Wellingborough New Boys' School at 3.45pm. Her attendance mark has been given in the Register.
June 29th St. Peter's Day. The School closes today at 4pm for Newton Bromshold Feast.
Jul 2nd To Southend on Sea.
July 4th School reopened at 9am. 22 scholars present.
On Monday July 2nd the Annual Day Outing took place. 19 scholars and 32 adults went by two motor Charabancs to Southend-on-Sea leaving the village at 7am, the first halt was made at Hertford where light lunch was partaken of. Then passing through Epping Forest, Southend was reached about 11.45am. A very happy day was spent, aided by glorious weather. The return journey was commenced at 7.45pm returning by the same route as that taken in the morning. Home was reached at 12.15am.
July 5th Dorothy Ethel Warrington has been awarded a Special Place at the Wellingborough High School.
The recreation during the afternoon session was extended to one hour in Dorothy's honour. Whilst the children were enjoying it, Mr. & Mrs. E. Chapman, Leicester (old scholar) visited the school and generously distributed sweets to each child. The Rector also generously distributed sweets on Friday morning last to celebrate his birthday amongst them.
July 6th Register examined, good attendance, and all satisfactory. W. R. Taylor Vicar & Chairman.
23 Jul From 2.05 to 2.45 four senior boys, Leonard Bates, Melbourne Ekins, Alan McCartney & Gordon Sanders attended at my private residence to begin a series of lessons in Woodwork, given by my husband Harry Gadsden. A similar series of instruction was given by him upto 1937 to which Mr P F Burns, HMI gave his approval.
26 Sep I took all the scholars to my private residence at 2.45pm to hear the broadcasting of the launching of the Cunarder "Queen Mary" by Her Majesty Queen Mary. We returned to school at 3.25pm.
02 Nov Fifteen scholars began to have milk under the new Milk Scheme organised by the Milk Marketing Board on Thursday Oct 25th. The retailer is Mr N King, Rectory Farm and it is in beakers issued by the NCC and sold to the scholars at ½d per ? of a pint. On Wednesday last I purchased an 8pt enamel saucepan so that the milk could be heated during the winter months. One more scholar as added to the number on Monday last. During transit of beakers (15) one was broken. By this morning's post I have received one to replace it.
06 Nov The Rector the Rev W R Taylor gave his final scripture lesson (after 3 years he leaves for Bethnel Green, London)
19 Nov Now 25 children ranging from 4 - 13 years of age - 19 are boys.
27 Jun A dual desk was received today from Raunds School for use in the Mixed Dept. It required two screws in the seat. This addition now brings the seating accommodation in the Mixed Dept to 20.
April 23rd A Concert was given in the Schoolroom last evening, the programme having been arranged by the "Vagabond Concert Party", Higham Ferrers. The Schoolroom was crowded and refreshments had been generously given by the partners & friends, some of whom also gave subscriptions. The proceeds which realized £4.15.0. were in aid of the Day School Outing to Yarmouth on Feast Monday, July 5th.
23 Jul Betty L Warrington has been awarded a "Special Prize" in the "Daily Herald" - "Safety Road" handwriting competition and has now received a fountain pen by post this morning.
21 Jul Frank Toone attended the Clinic during the Afternoon Session to keep his appointment with the Dentist.
22 Dec Milicent Rose Toone leaves school today having attained the age of 14 during the Term.
31 Jul Frank Toone was sent home this morning at 9.20 as he had a bilious headache. He returned at 1.30pm but almost immediately continued sickness so I was obliged to send him home for the day.
03 Aug Frank Toone leaves school today having attained his fourteenth birthday. (SLB 114 p456)
Jan 5th School re-opened at 9.30am today. 34 scholars were present, one evacuee being absent. An evacuee boy was admitted into the mixed Dept. number on registers now are 27 natives and 8 evacuees.
Jan 9th Three evacuees (with parents or guardian) leave school today to return for an indefinite period, to their homes in Essex.
There are now five evacuees on register.
Jan 12th When the scholars assembled at 9.30am the temperature in the mixed Dept. was only 32, at 10.15am it was only 36 and at 10.55 it was 42. The scholars sat with coats on, it was so cold, so we went and took oral lessons in Infants Dept. After play at 11.15am, temp. had risen to 48 so we assembled in own Dept. and took Arithmetic for first lesson.
The Inspector for Food & Drugs visited the School about 10.15am and took samples of milk.
Jan 14th The School Dentist visited the school during the afternoon session. Five scholars received treatment, four evacuees down on the list have returned home since the treatment was begun.
On January 9th 1951 the school re-opened at 9am with a note made "the school has been wired for electricity". Just 18 months later the school closed on July 25th 1952 with "School closed today for the Summer Holidays. I now terminate my engagement as Head Teacher. Mrs Ridge also terminates her engagement as assistant teacher. A farewell party was given by the parents".

If you have any memories of this school to share with us please contact us.

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Northamptonshire Record Office References: 221P/3 & SLB 113-115.
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