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School snippets

Rushden Echo, 19th March 1909, transcribed by Kay Collins

Newton Bromswold - The Schools have been closed for three weeks owing to an outbreak of chicken pox.

Rushden Echo, 4th February 1916, transcribed by Kay Collins

The Children of Newton Bromswold School have collected 60 eggs for the National Egg Collection for the wounded soldiers and sailors.

Rushden Echo, 1st March 1918, transcribed by Kay Collins

Eggs for The Wounded—During the week ending Feb. 15th the school children of Newton Bromswold made a special effort to collect eggs for the wounded. The effort resulted in 102 eggs being collected and distributed between Higham Ferrers V.A.D. Hospital, Nottingham General Hospital, and the Central Depot, London. Letters of gratitude have been received from some of the soldiers.

Rushden Echo, 18th July 1919, transcribed by Kay Collins

A Picnic—The day school scholars, parents, and friends went to St. Neots on Tuesday week. The party set off at 9a.m. in Mr. Scroxton’s charabanc, and the first stop was made at Kimbolton, where a halt was made. St. Neots was reached about 11.30a.m. After a lunch had been partaken of, the party went down to the town and also through Eynesbury. The return journey was begun at 9.p.m. A very enjoyable time was spent.

Rushden Echo, 15th July 1921, transcribed by Kay Collins

The annual day school picnic took place on Tuesday, July 5th. The party left Newton at 9.30a.m. in motor charabancs for Old Weston. After lunch had been partaken of in the woods, some little time was spent in the village and beautiful old church. At 2.30p.m. the journey was continued to Biggleswade, and in the evening , on the return journey, some time was spent in Bedford, on the river, and in the town. The party arrived home at 10p.m., after a most delightful day’s outing.

Rushden Echo July 29th 1921, transcribed by Susan Manton

The Piano, funds for which were raised by the recent garden party, has now been purchased and arrived at the school on Wednesday last. Since we last week published our report of the garden party several other small items have come in, and the total is now about £54.the stallholders etc. at the garden party were as follows: Children’s stall, the day school children under Laura Sinfield and Grace Lilley; needlework stall, Mrs. Holt, Mrs. Baker and Mrs. Lattimore; tea and refreshments, Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Bone, Mrs. Barnett, Mrs. Lines, Mrs. Turner and Miss Taylor. The side shows including an art gallery in charge of Master Howard Hall, and fortune telling by Khan Tellum. A vote of thanks was passed to Mrs. T. Patenall, M.B.E. for opening the sale, on the proposition of Mrs. Hall, seconded by Mrs. McCleery.

Rushden Echo, 31st July 1925, transcribed by Kay Collins

Newton Bromswold—The day-school closes today for the midsummer and harvest holidays. On Wednesday afternoon a pleasing little ceremony took place in the schoolroom. Mrs George Hall visited the school and gave two prizes for darning. The first prize, value 2s. 6d., was awarded to Winifred Moore, and the second, value 1s., to Bessie Sinfield. The infants were each the recipients of a silver coin. This is the second year that Mrs Hall has given prizes, and the competition is very encouraging to the senior girls.

Rushden Echo, 3rd January 1930, transcribed by Kay Collins

Newton Bromswold
Carol Tour
—The Day School scholars went round the Court Estate and the village on Christmas Eve, carol singing. They collected in aid of St. Dunstan’s and as a result the sum of 17s. 6d. has been forwarded to the Secretary.

Rushden Echo & Argus, 6th May 1932, transcribed by Kay Collins

A Partner whist drive was held in the Schoolroom on Saturday last and was very well attended. It had been arranged to meet the expenses incurred by the day school children at their forthcoming annual outing.

Rushden Echo & Argus, 6th July 1934, transcribed by Kay Collins

Free PlaceDorothy Ethel Warrington, a pupil of the C of E School, has been awarded a free place at the Wellingborough High School.

School Outing—On Monday the annual day school outing took place, Southend-on-Sea being visited. Travelling by charabanc, children, parents and friends, with the Rev W R Taylor (Vicar), and Mr J McCartney (Warden and Manager), left the village at 7.10am. The first halt was at Hertford, where a light lunch was partaken of, and Southend was reached about 11.45. A very happy day was spent, aided by glorious weather.

Rushden Echo & Argus, 9th July 1937, transcribed by Kay Collins

Seaside Trip—On Monday the annual Day School outing took place, and Great Yarmouth was the chosen spot. The scholars, accompanied by teachers, parents, and friends, travelled in motor coaches and arrived about 11a.m. A very happy day was spent, greatly helped by suitable weather. Tea was partaken of the at the Savoy Hotel, and about 6.45p.m. the homeward journey was commenced. Newton Bromswold was reached about mid-night.

Rushden Echo & Argus, 23rd July 1937, transcribed by Kay Collins

Handwriting PrizeMarjorie Allen, a pupil of the C of E Day School, has been awarded a special prize in a newspaper "Road Safety" Handwriting competition.

In another part of the paper:

Day SchoolBetty Lucy Warrington has been awarded a special prize in a national newspaper “Road Safety” handwriting competition.

Rushden Echo & Argus, 18th February 1944, transcribed by Kay Collins

Newton Bromswold
New Boots
—Through the splendid generosity of the American and Canadian Red Cross Societies many of the scholars attending the Day School have been provided with Wellington boots. The scholars, to show their appreciation of the gifts, have contributed to the funds of the two societies through the W.V.S., who have the distribution in hand.

School Meals—On Monday the first hot dinners were provided by the N.C.C. for the children of the C of E Day School. They are brought in special containers from the Rushden School Canteen, and a long-felt want has now been gratified. Miss Byatt, County Supervisor, and her assistant personally attended to serve the dinner on Monday. The Rev C Ayton Williams was present to represent the Managers and personally thanked Miss Byatt for making the necessary arrangements, also congratulating her on the excellent meal provided.

Rushden Echo & Argus 22nd Dec 1944

DAY SCHOOL—The annual concert took place on Wednesday. There was a large assembly of parents and friends, and the scholars entertained with carols, songs and recitations. At the close refreshments were served.

Rushden Echo and Argus, 25th May 1947, transcribed by Kay Collins

Empire Day - Owing to the Whitsun-tide holiday, Empire Day was celebrated at the Day School on Friday last. National songs were sung, including "Land of Hope and Glory," and also the hymn, "O God, our help in ages past." The scholars then marched into the playground, saluted the flag, and sang one verse of the National Anthem. The Rector, the Rev. W. B. Taylor, was present, and also Mr. and Mrs. J. McCartney.

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