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Extracted from: Beford Record Society volume, by Lydia M Marshall
1671 Hearth Tax - 4 Parishes Index
An exact just & true accompt of all firehearths & stoves within the said county of Bedford chargeable as well as unchargeable - by virtue of the statutes in these cases made & provided - certified to the clerk of the peace for the said county & approved of by the Justices of the said county at the generall quarter sessions of the peace holden for the said county on Friday the fifth day of May in the three & twentieth yeare of the raigne of our soveraigne Lord Charles the Second by the grace of god of England Scotland Fraunce & Ireland King defender of the Faith &c.
1671 Hearth Tax

Forename Surname status Parish
Tho. Abbott   Podington
Rob. Abbott   Podington
Jas. Abbott   Podington
Tho. Alderman   Knotting
Tho. Allen   Podington
Will. Appleyard   Podington
John Athy   Podington
Geo. Barratt   Melchbourne
Ric. Barratt   Melchbourne
Ric. Basse   Podington
Will. Baxter   Wymington
Tho. Bayse   Podington
John Bayse   Podington
Widow Bayse   Podington
John Beale   Podington
Tho. Beale   Wymington
John Betles   Melchbourne
Widow Bletsoe   Wymington
Earl of Bollingbrooke   Melchbourne
John Boney   Podington
Ste. Bourne   Knotting
Stephen Bourne Constable Knotting
Paule Browne   Melchbourne
Benj. Browne   Melchbourne
Greg. Browne   Melchbourne
Dan. Browne   Podington
Widow Browne   Podington
Arth. Burdge   Melchbourne
John Burdge   Melchbourne
Widow Burridge   Wymington
Will. Burton   Wymington
Widow Chapman   Wymington
Widow Chapman   Wymington
Ric. Child   Podington
Richard Child Constable Podington
Tho. Church   Knotting
Will. Church   Podington
John Church   Wymington
John Church   Wymington
Widow Clarke   Wymington
Widow Clements   Podington
Tho. Colegrave   Podington
Widow Collison   Podington
John Cooke   Podington
Sam. Cotton Esqr Podington
Jonathan Cutberd   Melchbourne
Geo. Darnell   Podington
Mich. Eaton   Melchbourne
Will. Edmonds   Melchbourne
Edw. Edmunds   Podington
Ric. Elson   Podington
Ric. Fisher   Podington
John Freeman   Podington
Tho. Fuller   Wymington
Geo. Gascoine   Podington
Widow Gifford   Podington
Ric. Gobby   Melchbourne
John Gore   Melchbourne
Tho. Gore   Melchbourne
Jos. Gray   Wymington
T Gray Empty Wymington
Will. Hale   Knotting
Widow Harris   Podington
Geo. Hawkes   Podington
Ric. Hawkins   Podington
Tho. Hills   Wymington
Edw. Hipwell   Knotting
Lawr. Hipwell   Melchbourne
Tho. Hipwell   Melchbourne
John Hunt   Wymington
Widow Iselip   Melchbourne
Will. Jennins   Knotting
Tho. Joyce   Melchbourne
Rob. King   Melchbourne
Rog. Knowles   Podington
Will. Lavender   Podington
Tho. Lavender   Podington
Tho. Logsdon   Melchbourne
Widow Lovell   Melchbourne
Will. Lynn   Wymington
Widow Lynn   Wymington
Will. Macham   Wymington
Anth. Manning   Podington
Rob. Manning   Wymington
Robert Manning Constable Wymington
Ric. Marshall   Podington
Widow Mattson   Wymington
Tho. Maxey   Knotting
Ric. Newcomb   Wymington
Ste. Newcombe   Wymington
Widow Norman   Podington
Ric. Orlibeare   Podington
John Packe   Wymington
Judith Parker   Melchbourne
Eliz. Parker   Wymington
Marke Partridge   Podington
Will. Patenham   Melchbourne
Will. Paxton   Wymington
John Peete   Knotting
Edw. Pettit   Podington
Tho. Pettits   Podington
Jonathan Phyory Demolished Podington
John Playne   Melchbourne
Christ. Pole   Podington
Jonathan Porter   Wymington
Sym. Purney   Melchbourne
John Purney   Wymington
John Quinby   Wymington
Widow Rands   Podington
Will. Robinson   Wymington
Lady Rolt Empty Wymington
Christ. Rowton   Melchbourne
Will. Royston   Podington
Geo. Sadler   Podington
Tho. Savadge   Knotting
Oliver Sawyer   Podington
Tho. Scriven   Knotting
Will. Sherman   Knotting
Will. Sibtharpe   Podington
Ric. Slacher   Wymington
Wm. Staunton Collector Knotting
Wm. Staunton Collector Melchbourne
Wm. Staunton Collector Podington
Wm. Staunton Collector Wymington
Jas. Sutton   Melchbourne
Tho. Swift   Wymington
Ric. Turland   Podington
Sam. Tyler   Melchbourne
Will. Tysome   Melchbourne
William Tysum Constable Melchbourne
Hen. Wagstaffe   Podington
Widow Warren   Melchbourne
Will. Wheeler   Wymington
John Whitticke   Podington
Fra. Wilby   Podington
Will. Wilby   Podington
Will. Wiles   Wymington
Greg. Woodfall   Melchbourne
Tho. Woodham   Knotting
Widow Wright   Podington
Fra. Yarroll   Knotting

1671 Hearth Tax

Hearth Tax Return: 1671 - P.R.O. Ref: E 179, 72/301
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