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Farndish - Notes
Wellingborough News, 7th July 1883, transcribed by Kay Collins

THE RATING OF THE PARISH—At the Northamptonshire Quarter Sessions on Thursday, the General Committee reported in connection with the enquiries under the Divided Parishes Act that they found that that part of the parish of Farndish which was situate in the county had for some time past paid county rates to the county of Bedford, and not to Northampton. The committee had taken steps to have that error at once rectified, and recommended that the matter also be referred to the County Rate Committee, with a view to their revision of the rate of the Wellingborough Union, so as to bring the Northamptonshire part of Farndish within the county assessment.

Wellingborough News, 17th November 1883, transcribed by Kay Collins

THE FARNDISH RATE-BOOK—The magistrates signed the rate-book for Farndish for the first time, the Board of Guardians at Wellingborough claiming that the larger part of the parish is in the county of Northampton. The Bedford justices had previously signed the rate-book.

Wellingborough News, 14th January 1887, transcribed by Kay Collins

TEA AND CHRISTMAS TREE—On December 30 all the people of Farndish were invited to an excellent tea in the schoolroom by the Rev. E. and Mrs. Eade. After tea there was a Christmas tree for the children and they were all delighted with the good things on it provided by the ladies of Farndish, games of various kinds were afterwards indulged in and a very pleasant evening was spent.—On Friday evening a magic lantern was shown in the schoolroom by Mr. G. R. Turner, of Irchester, which all enjoyed very much. Singing, dancing, and games were afterwards heartily joined in and the singing of the National Anthem brought a very pleasant evening to a close.

Rushden Echo, 25th June 1909, transcribed by Kay Collins

The Higham and Rushden Water Board on Monday decided to allow the Podington Parish Council to have access to the water mains in case of fire at Farndish, on conditions laid down by the Surveyor. It was resolved to make a charge of £1 per annum.

Rushden Echo, 7th January 1910, transcribed by Kay Collins

A Joke or Worse?—Mr John Townsend, horsekeeper to Mr T Dunmore, of Farndish, last week opened the gate for some gentlemen who were taking part in the Oakley Hunt, when one of them address him thus “Here, young man, here’s a shilling for you. My name’s Black. I have been in the House of Commons four years and am heartily sick of it. Don’t you vote for me.” Another gentleman corroborated this story and handed Townsend another 1s. Was this intended as a joke or was it a smart attempt to steal votes from the Liberal candidate? Everyone knows that Mr Black is too ill to be in the hunting field.

The Rushden Argus, 7th January 1921

A New Year’s Meet
Large Field Out with the Oakley at Farndish

The hunt at Farndish

The Oakley Pack is this season showing very good sport, and a large field turned out on Sunday, when the meet was at Farndish.

Rushden Echo, 6th January 1922, transcribed by Kay Collins

The Oakley Hounds met at Farndish on Tuesday. A fox in Brown Hedges gave a good run of 40 minutes in the Colworth district. In the afternoon of a fox bolted out of the Podington drain and led the pack through the Great Hayes Wood, being lost near Colworth Hoo, after a run of about 30 minutes.

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