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Hinwick House
Hinwick House
Hinwick House taken from a postcard

The V A D Hospital at Hinwick House opened on November 21st 1914 with 26 beds, and cared for 552 patients during WWI. Staff were Mrs F H Orlebar (Commandant), Doctor S E Baxter (of Wollaston) and a team of nursing staff (Detachment No 4).

Rushden Echo, 5th May 1916, transcribed by Kay Collins

Rushden Artistes at Hinwick—A most enjoyable programme was given at the Hinwick V.A.D. Hospital yesterday week, arranged by Mr. J. L. Clipson, A.R.C.O., and Mr. G. Pitchford, of Rushden. There was a good attendance of the wounded soldiers, who are in the charge of Nurse Winnie Clipson. Mrs. Rouse Orlebar and the members of the family were present together with the Boy Scouts. Mr. J. L. Clipson contributed two pianoforte solos in brilliant style. Nurse Clipson sang a couple of songs with good effect. Mr. Pitchford, who is and entertainer of considerable powers, gave the following:- Song, Farewell in the desert; song, Absent; recitation, Little Bill; Irish song, The Mountains o’Mourne; monologue, The clean sweep. The programme was greatly enjoyed. Mrs. Orlebar called for three hearty cheers for the entertainers, and the audience heartily obeyed.

Rushden Echo, 15th September 1916, transcribed by Peter Brown

Higham Ferrers V.A.D. Hospital-On Monday the matron (Mrs T. Patenall) kindly entertained the wounded soldiers and staff from the V.A.D. Hospital at Hinwick. The soldier guests, who journeyed to Higham in conveyances, were accompanied by Mrs Rouse Orlebar, Miss Orlebar, and the sister in charge. Tea was served in the ward, and afterwards the men visited the church and other places of interest in the borough. During the evening a capital entertainment was provided for the visitors, the programme being given by Sergt. Nowell, Corpl, Malin, Corpl. Campbell, Pte. Boyce, Sister Greenwood, Miss K. Brazier, and Mr F. Brazier. Miss Maud Brazier and Bomb. D. Patenall (R.F.A.) accompanied at the piano. Refreshments were handed round. The thanks of guests to the matron were suitably expressed by Mrs Orlebar, Mrs Patenall responding.

Rushden Echo, 5th January 1917, transcribed by Kay Collins

Hinwick Auxiliary V A D Hospital

To the Editor of the Rushden Echo.

Dear Sir,—May I once more ask you, through your columns, to express my very warmest thanks to all those who have so generously contributed towards giving the convalescent soldiers here a most happy Christmas. I only wish it were possible to illustrate the look of happy satisfaction that showed itself on all their faces, both at the Christmas dinner and since. Through the great kindness of all our donors we have been able to give the men who are staying here an ideal Christmas week of enjoyment.

With repeated thanks to everyone and with sincere wishes to all for the coming New year,

Yours very truly,
Faith H Orlebar.

Hinwick House,
Dec 28, 1916

Mr W B Sanders, jun


Mr George Selwood


Mr W E Sargent


Miss Goosey, Wymington


Mrs Gilbert, Hinwick




Mr and Mrs Hilton


Co-op Boot Factory




Miss Warburg, Liverpool


Rushden Town Band Club

2 turkeys, 800 cigarettes, chocolates

Mr J W Bright

Mineral waters

Mrs C G Cunnington

Plum pudding

Mrs Wilmott


Mrs Franklin

Mince pies

Miss M Harries


Mrs Tom Crook


Mr and Miss Pitchford


Mrs Finch, Wellingborough

Plum pudding, mince pies, dessert

Miss I Clipson and Miss Hilton


Miss B A Fisher


Closing room, Jaques & Son Ltd

10 tins salmon, 6 tins apricots, 3lbs butter, 6 tins potted meat

Mr and Mrs Orr and family

7doz. Crackers, dessert, box cigars

Friends in Podington

Currants, etc.

Per Mrs Bond’s collection, W'boro

Mince pies

Mrs W E Sargent

Iced cake

Mrs C Cross

Mince pies

Miss H McLeod, London

Cake and nuts

Mrs Meadows, Podington

Mince pies, plum pudding, cakes, tartlets

Rushden Echo, 30th March 1917, transcribed by Kay Collins

The Auxiliary Hospital at Hinwick House has been provided with a fine gramophone purchased with the proceeds of a dance kindly organised by Miss K Thompson. Mrs Orlebar desires to express her thanks and that of the patients for this kindness.

Rushden Echo, 27th April 1917, transcribed by Kay Collins

Measles having broken out among the family at Hinwick House, the V.A.D. Hospital is in quarantine for 14 days.

Rushden Echo, 27th April 1917, transcribed by Kay Collins

OperationNurse Winnie Clipson, daughter of Councillor J S and Mrs Clipson, who after the Hinwick V.A.D. Hospital was temporarily closed, was transferred to the staff of the Holborn Military Hospital at Mitcham, Surrey, unfortunately developed symptoms of tonsillitis, and the doctor there recommended her to undergo an operation. This view was confirmed by a specialist from the Golden Square Hospital, London. Nurse Clipson’s father was sent for, and he consented to the operation, which was performed on Friday last and was quite successful. Afterwards, however, haemorrhage of the tonsils ser in, and the patient lost a considerable quantity of blood. Mr. and Mrs. Clipson visited their daughter during the weekend, and have now received a letter stating that she is going on very satisfactorily.

Rushden Echo, 23rd November 1917, transcribed by Kay Collins

Irchester - Mrs. Gabb and Mrs F. J. Wootton have during the past six months personally collected 1,732 eggs from the inhabitants of Irchester and neighbourhood. The V.A.D. at Hinwick received 1,061, and the others were sent to a provincial hospital through the National Egg Collection Society.

The Rushden Echo, 14th December 1917, transcribed by Kay Collins

Hinwick - Christmas Gifts for the V.A.D. Hospital will be heartily welcomed by Mr J S Clipson, Church-street, Rushden, or Mrs Orlebar, Hinwick

Hinwick - The Rushden Mission Party gave an enjoyable entertainment last night to the wounded soldiers at the V.A.D. Hospital, Coucillor J S Clipson prsided. Songs were given by Mrs Brightwell and Miss E West (who assisted the Mission Party) and Mr C Bailey, and Miss Warren recited. The sketch “The Man fra’ Puddington”, thoroughly delighted the soldiers. The party sang the glee “In this hour of softened splendour.” A hearty vote of thanks was passed to Mr Clipson for organising the concert and to the artistes.

The Rushden Echo, 21st December 1917, transcribed by Kay Collins

Hinwick - Captain Orlebar (Son of Lieut.-Colonel Orlebar), who is serving with the Forces at Salonika, has been kept well posted up with the news of the V.A.D. Hospital through the medium of the “Rushden Echo”.

Rushden Echo, 18th January 1918, transcribed by Kay Collins

The Soldiers at Hinwick Auxiliary Hospital were yesterday week entertained by the parishioners to tea in the schoolroom, Mrs. R. R. B. Orlebar and the staff being also present. Mr. E. C. Bandy’s party from Rushden gave an excellent programme, and games were also indulged in.

Rushden Echo, 16th August 1918

The Late Pte. G. Fountain

In our issue of August 2nd we reported that Mr. and Mrs. C. Mason, of New Wymington, had received the news that Pte. George Fountain, Sherwood Foresters, a former patient at Hinwick V.A.D. Hospital, had been killed in action. He was well known in the district, and spent his last leave with Mr. and Mrs. Mason.

Rushden Echo, 20th December 1918, transcribed by Kay Collins

The V.A.D. Hospital has closed, and the event was duly celebrated on Thursday of last week.

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