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Knotting Wesleyan Chapel

The chapel was part of the Rushden Circuit.
For some notes from a minute book see the Court Estate Chapel notes.
The Wesleyan Society began in the village in 1866.
The Chapel at Knotting Green was built in 1889. The foundation stone was laid by Miss Sanders.
It was closed in 1966 and stood empty for 18 years.
It was sold by the Circuit in 1984 and converted into a home.

It was re-sold in 1993 and we are told that "the original Dado boarding is
still a feature, with patches where the pews were. There are no memorials".

Knotting Green Chapel
(From an unidentified newspaper)

A group of youngsters from Rushden Park Road Methodist Young People's Fellowship have been visiting the tiny Knotting Green Methodist Church recently to carry out repair and redecoration work.
At a cost of about £70 the young people have restored plastering, put in new window frames and painted the church over the past four months.

Rushden Echo, 20th November 1908, transcribed by Kay Collins

Knotting Green - The Wesleyan Chapel was filled on Wednesday evening by an interested congregation on the occasion of the annual meeting. Master Eric Colwell (Rushden) presided, and an attractive missionary programme was given by young people from Rushden. The collection was in advance of last year.

Rushden Echo, 16th March 1917, transcribed by Kay Collins

Knotting Green-The Late Mrs Betts—At the Quarterly Meeting of the Higham Ferrers Wesleyan Circuit on Saturday the Rev H Long feelingly referred to the loss the circuit had sustained in the death of Mrs Betts, of Knotting Green. Ald. T Patenall voiced the feeling of the meeting, and Mr W E Capon also spoke on the same subject. By a standing vote it was decided to place on the minutes as appreciation of the character and work of Mrs Betts, and to forward a letter of sympathy to Mrs Brown, of Farndish, the eldest surviving daughter of the deceased.

Rushden Echo, 19th October 1917, transcribed by Kay Collins

Knotting Green—Harvest thanksgiving services were held on Sunday in the Wesleyan Chapel and there were large congregations, especially in the evening. Mr. C. Cross, of Rushden, was the preacher. The chapel had been prettily decorated with the fruits of the earth. At the afternoon service Miss Frances Marks, of Rushden, sang two solos in pleasing style, and Miss I. L. Scott, of Rushden, was the organist. At the evening service Miss Marks and Miss Alice Partridge, of Rushden, each sang a solo, and a duet was given by Misses Partridge and Scott. Several of the old favourite harvest hymns were sung, besides a number of the newer hymns appropriate to the occasion. On Monday eveing the Rev. H. Shaw, of Rushden, presided. Musical items were contributed by Misses F. and A. Partridge, and Mr. W. E. Capon recited. Miss I. L. Scott was at the organ. The sale of fruit etc., followed, and the total proceeds of the festival were about £4.

Rushden Echo, 13th September 1918, transcribed by Kay Collins

Knotting Green
IN MEMORIAM — At the Quarterly meeting of the Higham Ferrers Wesleyan circuit on Saturday last Ald. T. Patenall, (Mayor of Higham Ferrers) referred to the late Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Betts, of Knotting Green, and said that by their death the cause had lost a Christian man and woman of such high character that he thought a marble tablet to their memory should be put up in the Knotting Green Chapel. Mr. and Mrs. Betts were the authors of Methodism at Knotting. They first attended the chapel at Higham Park, and afterwards for many years opened their house for preaching services, besides making a home for the preachers. Their loyalty to and love for Methodism were more than words could express. He moved that a memorial tablet be placed in the chapel at Knotting Green.—Mr. C W. Horrell seconded, and the proposition was carried unanimously.

Rushden Echo & Argus, 17th August 1934, transcribed by Kay Collins

To The Zoo—The Sunday School scholars had their annual outing on Monday, when they journeyed by ’bus with their mothers and teachers to the London Zoo. A most enjoyable time was spent in seeing the animals and looking round some of the buildings in Town. The children arrived home at ten o'clock, tired but very happy. The Rev. J. W. Davies accompanied them.

Rushden Echo, 11th October 1940, transcribed by Kay Collins

Knotting Methodists - Village Chapel Re-opened After Decoration Work
After re-decoration the Methodist Chapel at Knotting was re-opened on Saturday by the Rev Alfred Binney, of Rushden, and Mrs S A Lawrence, also of Rushden. Following the re-opening ceremony, there was a meeting in the chapel at which an address was given by Alderman C W Horrell, J.P., of Rushden. Mrs H Robinson rendered delightful solos.

The Rector of Souldrop and Knotting (the Rev J Weldon Davies) was the principal speaker and interested a large congregation with an address dealing with the most necessary unity of churches and the importance of an interchange of pulpits. With the aid of these two essentials, he said, would inevitably come the progress of the Christian Church.

Among those who also attended the ceremony were the Rev R L Bedford (Irthlingborough) and Mr W E Capon (Rushden, who has taken a keen interest in the renovations. The decorations were in the hands of Mr S Williamson, of Riseley, and it was reported that most of the money required was already in hand.

Rushden Echo, 17th July 1942

Knotting - MethodismAt the monthly meeting held in the Methodist Church the Rev. A. Binney was the speaker. Mrs. Jaques, of Rushden, gave recitations. These meetings are a new feature, and are liked very much and well attended. Tea is served at the close.

Rushden Echo, 8th January 1943, transcribed by Kay Collins

Knotting School Party—The scholars of the Sunday School entertained parents and friends on Wednesday afternoon with recitations, dialogues and carols. Thanks to some generous friends tea was served at the close. The Rev N P Goldhawk and Mr W E Capon, of Rushden, were present. On Thursday a social was held and an enjoyable time was spent.

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