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Knotting Wills
Probate Records

These wills are held at Bedfordshire Record Office, at Bedford.
The first four numbers in the reference column are the year the will was proved.

Surname Forename occupation Registered copy Will Reference
Barnes Samuel grazier   ABP/W 1787/42
Bourn Anthony husbandman 22 f.27 ABP/W 1587-8/156
Bourn John   31 f.117d ABP/W 1615/164
Bourn John     ABP/W 1645/22
Bourn Anthony     ABP/W 1657/70
Bourne Stephen grazier   ABP/W 1684/19
Brittain Richard   14 f.8d ABP/W 1559/173
Brittain William   29 f.73d ABP/W 1610/116
Brown John   1 f.41d  ABP/R 1504
Clarke Joan widow   ABP/W 1629/132
Ede Thomas     ABP/W 1598/80
Eden Elizabeth widow 27 f.10d ABP/W 1606-7/15
Eden John yeoman   ABP/W 1699/41
Eden Mary widow of Jn   ABP/W 1703-4/20
Fowbridge John   1 f.98d ABP/R 1505
Gore William     - 1618
Hall John yeoman   ABP/W 1710/14
Hall Thomas yeoman   ABP/W 1766/54
Hall Joseph Knotting Fox   ABP/W 1771/32
Hawkins Robert clerk   ABP/W 1664-5/88
Hewett John   26 f.115 ABP/W 1605-6/97
Islip Rebecca widow   ABP/W 1810/42
Islip Richard yeoman   ABP/A 1809/8
Jennell William yeoman   ABP/W 1686/33
Mathews Nicholas grazier   ABP/A 1747/26
Maxey Joan widow   ABP/W 1680/39
Maxey Ruth     ABP/W 1685/11
Maxey Thomas junior   ABP/W 1696-7/148
Maxie John husbandman   ABP/W 1572/57
Maxie Henry     ABP/W 1637/138
Pearce Isaac     ABP/W 1599/100
Peel John labourer   ABP/W 1712-13/84
Riseley John gent   ABP/W 1692-3/78
Riseley Thomas junior, yeoman   ABP/W 1756/24
Riseley Mary widow   ABP/W 1792/7
Rogers Mary widow   ABP/W 1836/41
Savage William     ABP/W 1660/200
Savage Thomas senior, yeoman   ABP/W 1662/39
Scriven Thomas senior, clerk   ABP/W 1698-9/170
Seabrooke John     ABP/W 1660/203
Sharman Matthew victualler   ABP/A 1737-/4
Sharman John yeoman   ABP/A 1815/6
Sheard Francis yeoman   ABP/W 1686/41
Squire John   1 f.165  ABP/R 1513/4
Watford Thomas grazier (bn1726) ABP/W 1725/31
Watford Thomas grazier   ABP/A 1746-7/50
Woodham Thomas senior, grazier   ABP/W 1673-4/73
Yarway Thomas senior 30 f.72 ABP/W 1612/93
Yarwell Thomas     ABP/W 1599/66

Bedfordshire Wills at Northamptonshire Record Office
SURNAME Forename status/occupation Parish
BROWNE Mary spinster Knotting Green
27 Jun

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