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Events at Wymington

Committee for 1911 Coronation Celebrations at Wymington

1918 parade
Assembled for a Parade at Abbotts Yard in 1918

Peace Day 1919
1919 celebrations

unknown event c1930
Unknown event - c1930

Rushden Echo and Argus, Friday 4th May 1934, transcribed by Susan Manton

May Day revels at Wymington
Queen and Maids in Procession through the Village
Concert at Schools

The May Queen of Wymington was Joyce Rattley. She was chosen by her school fellows and her maids of honour were P. Whittington, M. White, M. Chapman, J. Church, G. Ford and D. Boddington. The Queen and Attendants rode on a flower-decked farm wagon, kindly lent by Mr. F. Abbott, a school manager and the horse was led by Keith Abbott, the senior scholar.

A procession through the village was much admired. Every child took part and all were dressed in costume. Then the Queen was crowned in the playground by Peggy Desborough, the retiring Queen.

Thanking her schoolfellows for doing her the honour of selecting her as May Queen, Her Majesty invited them to join in dancing. A delightful programme of folk dances followed and the large audience spent an enjoyable afternoon.

Children’s Plays

In the evening the revels were continued at the Day School. The tiny tots opened the programme by performing an impromptu play and “Dame Trott’s Party” was much admired. Roy Tobin made a fine King in the play “Looking for a Queen” performed by the juniors and several original humorous sketches were given by the seniors.

Joyce Rattley and Daisy Ballard contributed very graceful solo dances; recitations were given by Peter Twelvetree, J. Church, P. Fuller, W. Desborough and J. Fuller; V. Bird sang a solo and E. Dickerson played a pianoforte solo.

A picturesque item was the clever dramatisation of the song “Butterflies in the Rain” in which the tiny ones were butterflies and the juniors and seniors were raindrops and rainbows. A clever dance by five senior girls was much appreciated.

The head teacher, Mrs. E. Smith M.R.S.T. was responsible for the training of the children and the day’s arrangements assisted by her staff, Mrs. E. Green and Miss Bird.

1947 May Day
c1947 - May Day
Mary Hadley, Terry Bandy, June Chalmers, Glynis Jones, May Phillips, Dru Winsor, Dorothy Atkinson, ? Desborough, Kathleen Atkinson, Margaret Atkinson,
?, Shirley Chalmers, Jackie Garron, Janet Garron

Poster for a 1967 bazaar at the Darby & Joan Club

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