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Wymington School
Peace Day
Peace Day 1919
1919 celebrations

The Rushden Argus July 25th 1919, transcribed by Susan Manton

Peace Celebrations - The Wymington Church Bells were rung and the village was prettily decorated in honour of the day. At 2pm the children assembled in the playground preparatory to marching in procession through the village. Each child carried a flag, and the National Anthem was sung. The procession was joined by others in comic array and was headed by two girls on horseback and a drummer.

At 3pm the children had a meat tea and at 4pm the adults were entertained in a similar manner. At 5.30pm the sports commenced and dancing was indulged in to the strains of a band. A vote of thanks was passed at the close of the evening to Mr. Frank Abbott for the use of his copper, barn and field.

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