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Irchester Wesleyan Chapel

Signs at front of the Church in High Street

Built back in 1869 we were still in the Victorian era, with the monarch ruling our country from 1838 through until January 1901. Queen Victoria died aged 81, at Osborne House on the Isle of Wight.

welcome sign front door
Welcome sign
Front view

Irchester Methodist Church celebrates it’s 150th anniversary year with Queen Elizabeth II still sitting on the throne in 2019.

Currently the minister in charge is Reverend Lesley Dinham, and celebrates both morning and evening services with varied worship styles, along with a morning Sunday School. There is a prayer group, a house group and a ladies' fellowship. Each Tuesday a Kids' Bible Club meets. For many years Irchester Methodist has had a strong link with a church over in Uganda. Each summer there is a busy week when a Holiday Club is provided. The premises are also well used by various community groups.

The fabric is well maintained and has been attractively modernised with full access. A full year's activities through 2019 has celebrated their special 'milestone' of 150 years. The list included an evangelical visit by a Cliff College team, a service with the President of Conference, a bible to every house in Irchester, various choirs, bands, walks, picnics, Desert Island Discs, Gardener's Question Time, a barn dance, and a special Holiday Club. A very Big and Happy Birthday for the village as they notch up 150 years of worship.

rear view side door
Rear view of the chapel
Side door entrance

Another view of frontage

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