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Rushden Echo, 22nd December 1905, transcribed by Kay Collins
Rouse Orlebar, Esq., J.P.
Eggs for Hatching

Carriage Paid 4/- per dozen except Turkeys, which are 7/6 and Indian Games 6/0.

Orders are now being booked for EGGS from the following breeds of POULTRY and DUCKS. Also several FIRST CROSSES for producing the choicest TABLE CHICKS and the BEST LAYERS respectively. The White leghorns from this Farm were the only pen in the Utility Poultry Club Laying Competition, 1902, to take prizes both for SHOW POINTS and EGGS LAID, a record never previously approached. As the birds have FREE RANGE over Mr Orlebar’s Home Farm of 662 Acres they are maintained in the best of health. Illustrated Descriptive Catalogues Free.

Breeds Kept


Orpingtons (buff)


Rocks (barred)

Campines (silver)

Rocks (buff)

Dorkings (dark)

Wyandottes (buff)

Dorkings (silver grey)

Wyandottes (whites)

Faverolles (salmon)

Wyandottes (golden)


Wyandottes (partridge)

Indian Game

Wyandottes (silver)


Aylesbury Ducks

Leghorns (brown)

Indian Runner Ducks

Leghorns (white)

Pekin Ducks

Leghorns (buff)

Rouen Ducks

Minorcas (black)

American Mammoth

Orpingtons (black)


FIRST CROSSES for Table Birds 2/6 per Dozen

Indian Game x Dorkings, Indian Game x Wyandottes

Indian Game x Orpingtons, Aylesbury x Pekin Ducks

FIRST CROSSES for the Best Layers 2/6 per Dozen

Houdan x Leghorns

Address all communications: THE MANAGER,
Hinwick Estate Poultry Farm,
Wellingborough. Resident Pupils taken.

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