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The Rushden Argus 12th May 1922, transcribed by Susan Manton
Mr. Thos. W. Dunkley

Rechabite’s reminiscences
Farndish Life fifty Years Ago

Mr. Thos. W. Dunkley, of 51, Farndish road, Tinsley, Sheffield, writing to Mr. H.E. Turvey, the secretary of the Olive Branch Tent of Rechabites at Wellingborough, announcing that he has been a member of that order for 50 years, gives a bit of his life:-

Mr. Thos. W. Dunkley
Mr. Thos. W. Dunkley
He says” As a Farndish boy, in turn I attended school at Irchester and at Wollaston under Schoolmasters Thos. Jones and George Jones. Having finished with them, work became the order of the day, and I commenced with Mr. Robert Alderman, as a farmhand, for a wage of one whole shilling per week. Good old days them; no boys smoking ‘fags’ in those days on their way to school. A little later I was employed by Mr. Benjamin Mather, also as a farmhand. I remained, and claimed to have become his trusty servant; I say trusty, because I was often sent to the Irchester Co-op for the wages of the week. At last I left Mr. B. Mather and the farm, and took up an apprenticeship with Mr. G.R. Mather at Wellingborough. That completed, I went to Mr. Williamson’s. Leaving there in 1882, I set off with a little bundle under my arm and I dropped it down at Sheffield the second Saturday in July 1882. Now, sir, 52 years a ‘Pussyfoot’ and going strong. I have seen some wrecks in that time, but they never had any attraction for me. I am losing all that used to work at Wellingborough at one time; there were eight here that were at Wellingborough; six are dear and the two ‘Pussyfoots’ are left to carry on. Rather strange, don’t you think; but it’s a fact. I signed the pledge at Farndish Rectory March 31st 1870; joined the Rachabites 1st April 1872 – 50 years a member.”

Miss E. Dunkley, one of the clerks in the Wellingborough Co-operative Society is a niece of the writer.

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