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Wellingborough Union
Workhouse Deaths 1914 - 1935

Index of Names
Surname Forename admitted from Surname Forename admitted from Surname Forename admitted from
ABBOTT George Wollaston GIBSON Sarah Little Irchester RAE Ann Irchester
ABBOTT Thomas Irchester GILBERT Amelia Podington BDF RANDALL Walter Higham Ferrers
BAILEY Eliza Priscilla Irchester GOOSEY Mary Ann Irchester RIDDLE George Irchester
BAILEY Joseph Higham Ferrers GORE Mary Irchester RIVETT William Henry Wollaston
BAKEWELL Mary Irchester GREEN Alice Higham Ferrers ROBINSON Charles Wollaston
BARNES Charles Wollaston GREEN Edwin Wollaston ROBINSON Ellen Gladys Wollaston
BARNES William Sam Stanwick GREEN Thomas Irchester ROBINSON Jane Higham Ferrers
BARRETT Louisa Raunds HARRIS George Ernest Little Irchester ROBINSON Mary Eliz Raunds
BAXTER John Higham Ferrers HARRIS Selina Anne Raunds ROWLEY Johnson Irchester
BAYES William Irchester HEADLAND Margaret Higham Ferrers SARGENT Clark Wymington BDF
BERRILL George Easton Maudit HERBERT Theresa Bozeat SCHOLES Caroline Higham Ferrers
BIRD Ann Higham Ferrers HOSFORD Eliza Higham Ferrers SEWELL Harriett Little Irchester
BOND Betsy Irchester HOWARD Beatrice Little Irchester SHARPE Eliza Irchester
BOND Jesse Irchester JACKSON Bessie Irchester SHELTON Alice Higham Ferrers
BROWN Ebenezer Podington BDF JAMES Edmund Wollaston SHRIVE Sarah W Bozeat
BROWN Ebenezer Irchester JONES Frederick L Irchester SILBY Emma Bozeat
BROWN Elizabeth Irchester JONES Isabella Wollaston SILEBY James Irchester
BROWN Sophia Wollaston KEECH William Higham Ferrers SIMCOE J Henry Bozeat
BROWN Amelia Higham Ferrers KNIGHT Ann Irchester SIMPSON Mary Anne Higham Ferrers
BULL Hannah Podington BDF KNIGHT Susan Wollaston SKINNER Elizabeth Irchester
BURTON Edgar Lovell Raunds LAUGHTON Elizabeth Irchester SMART Arthur Wollaston
CATLIN George Wollaston LAURENCE John William Higham Ferrers SMITH Elizabeth Farndish BDF
CHAMBERS Thomas Higham Ferrers LEACH Ann Irchester SMITH George Hen Irchester
CHERRY Hilda Wollaston LEE Rosetta Hargrave SMITH John Henry Irchester
CHURCH Eliza Irchester LOVELL Phoebe Higham Ferrres STAFFORD John William Higham Ferrers
CHURCH Joseph L Irchester LUCK John Wollaston STAPLETON Joseph Higham Ferrers
CLAYTON Mary Ann Raunds MABBUTT William Bozeat STEVENSON Sarah Irchester
CLEMENTS Edward Wollaston MAYCOCK Elizabeth Wollaston STOCK William Irchester
COE Elizabeth Jane Easton Maudit MAYCOCK George Wollaston SUMMERS Emma Wollaston
COLSON Henry Wymington BDF MAYES James Raunds TAYLOR George Collins Wollaston
CRADDOCK Lorenzo Irchester McNICHOLS Helen Wollaston TESTER James Higham Ferrers
CRAXTON Charles Bozeat MOORE Sarah Bozeat TYLER John Irchester
CREWE Frank Robert Wollaston MURDIN James Wollaston TYLER Rebecca Irchester
DESBOROUGH Hannah Irchester MURDIN John William Raunds UPTON George Wymington BDF
DICKENSON Marion Raunds NOBLE Owen Irchester WARNER Ann Bozeat
DRAGE Elizabeth Wollaston NORRIS Benjamin Irchester WEST Harry Higham Ferrers
DRAGE George Bozeat NORRIS Betsy Irchester WHITE Elizabeth Irchester
DRAGE Joseph Bozeat PACKWOOD George Higham Ferrers WHYMAN William S Wollaston
EDEN Charles Wollaston PAGE Elizabeth Higham Ferrers WILDMAN Mary Irchester
ELLIOTT Robert Bozeat PANTER George Bozeat WILKINS Benjamin Irchester
ELLIS Ann Podington BDF PARKER Michael Little Irchester WILLS Matilda Jane Higham Ferrers
ELLIS John Podington BDF PARTRIDGE Charles Irchester WOODS William Irchester
FAIREY Sarah Ann Easton Maudit PATCHETT George Wollaston WYKES Elizabeth Irchester
FARRAR Elizabeth Wymington BDF PETERS George Wollaston      
FERRY Sarah Eliz Raunds PETTITT Clara Easton Maudit      
FOWKE Constance E Wollaston PITTS John Chapman Wollaston      
FROST Houghton Wollaston            

NRO ref:Acc2003/38 Workhouse deaths 1914-1935
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