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"Rushden Park Road Baptist Sunday School
Work and Workers of a Hundred Years 1810-1910"
by Herbert Lack (one of the Superintendents)

Old Baptist Church
"Top Meeting"
Church in 1810

Ministers Gallery

Rev John Peacock 
Rev John Peacock was born at Ravensden, Bedfordshire in 1779, son of a farmer. At 16½ he was baptised at Little Staughton Baptist Chapel, where he studied, and he became a regular taking the morning services. He was invited to become pastor at Rushden and was ordained in 1805.

He left Rushden for London in 1821 and on his first day at Spencer Place Chapel, Goswell Road, London, Mr Jonathan Whittemore was proposed for membership, and was soon after baptised by Mr Peacock. Rev Peacock remianed there for 34 years. He returned to Rushden when Jonathan Whittemore was ordained in here 1832, and again in 1854 for his own ministerial jubilee.

Rev John Peacock 
Rev Jonathan Whittemore
Rev Jonathan Whittemore was born at Sandy, Beds in 1802. He joined a publishing business of a relative, in Paternoster Row, London and whilst there joined the Spencer Place Chapel where he was baptised in 1821.

He became a sunday school teacher and met his wife, also a teacher, there. They moved to Brighton where he started his own publishing business, and he organised Sunday schools for fishermen's children.

His fame spread and in 1831 he was invited to come to Rushden. When here he occupied the Kidgell factory for his printing business and published 'The Standard Tune Book' and 'The Baptist Messenger'. He lost money on this venture, and was sued and being unable to pay, was gaoled at Northampton.

He returned to Rushden and with his wife they did great work with the church and Sunday school. He was the first in Rushden to sign the temperance pledge.

They left Rushden in 1854.

Rev Jonathan Whittemore
Mrs Whittemore
Mrs Whittemore
Rev George Bailey was the pastor for three years. His daughter started to teach the girls in the bible classes to write.

In 1856 the Superintendents John Sargent, Thomas Burton, J Knight, Ebenezer Knight, C. Burton and Thomas Maddock started a writing school for girls.

Robert Emms Bradfield was the pastor from 1857-79.

Rev W A Davis (right), followed him and in 1885 the Rev Wm John Tomkins came.

Rev W A Davis
Rev W A Davis
Rev Harris
Rev W F Harris
In 1901 he wrote a book "The Romance of a Northamptonshire Baptist Church" which detailed the history of the church.

Rev W F Harris
Rev W F Harris
Rev H J Horn
Rev H J Horn - President of the
Sunday School in 1910.

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