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James Britten - Ray Britten

A bakery was established here by James Britten before 1903, and was continued by his son Ray until the mid 1970s. The window adverts include three for cocoa - Rowntree's, Cadbury's and Fry's, and Hudson's soap.
Pictured are Sarah (died 1944) the wife of James (died 1949), and son Ray in 1928.
The adjoining property (right) (48 Grove Road) was John Clarke's pork butchers.

The two outhouses for 48 & 50 Grove Road.
Behind them is the factory at 23 York Road.
James Britten's grocery and bakery - 50 Grove Road - was an extensive corner property with most of it lying in York Road - his son and wife are pictured

Ray and the ovens
Ray Britten and the "Albion" ovens. These were coal ovens with no thermostat - but Ray always knew
just how long the bread needed.
The picture above was taken in 2008, when the property was owned by E.S.P. Hair Design. The original windows have been retained. Beyond the shop (left of picture) are the outhouses for 48 & 50 Grove Road, with the shoe factory of Joseph Knight, later taken over by W. S. Gilbert, part of Bignells Ltd. Adjoining (right) is 48 Grove Road, formerly the premises of John Clarke's pork butchers.
Connie & Ray Ray Connie
Connie (nee Hall) & Ray Britten 1971
Ray going out to deliver the bread
Connie stacking the bread

Property built for Eli Robinson in 1896 - see council plans

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