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From the Rushden Echo

Northampton Mercury, 19 September 1868 

James Smith, butcher, of Rushden, for having unjust meat scale half an ounce and half-drachm deficient against the purchaser. There was also a ball attached .........

Extract from memories c1910 of Doris Watts

Mrs. Wheeler was a real lady. She sat in the cash cubical and dressed herself in a dark dress with white lace edgings on her neck and round her sleeves. Mr. Wheeler was a nice man. At the back of his shop he ran a soup kitchen. I went down with our tin can, which we always had; it was a hardwearing tin can. I would go to the side of his shop to the back where there was a huge copper full of meat and gravy. On top of which floated lumps of fat meat - I must say that even at my age of 99 years I still cannot eat hot fat meat.

Rushden Echo, 14th April 1922

A. R. Hodgkins
Pork Butcher,
38 High-st. Rushden
(also at the Market in College-st.)

For Home-cured Hams and Bacon, Pork Pies, Home Fed Pork, Pork Sausages, Sausage Meat, Dairy Butter, Home Rendered Lard and all kinds of other Cooked Meat.

Don’t forget to give us a call, and you will be well satisfied.

Harris & Smart

Mole's invoice
Mole & Son, were family butchers and they traded at
136 Wellingborough Road.

This slip is from the 1970s, after VAT started in 1971.
Another member of the family lived at Alpine Lodge.
The site is being developed as Sanders Fields

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