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Rushden Industrial Co-operative Society

Members Rules 1938


The order of business at every general or special general meeting of the Society shall be in accordance with the printed order of business, issued with the balance sheet.
All notices of motion for consideration at any general meeting must be first submitted to the committee, in writing, signed by the member, giving the notice, not later than 28 days preceding such meeting.
No motion to the same effect as any motion which has been negatived shall be re-submitted by any member within a period of 12 months.
Any amendment to a motion must be submitted in writing, and delivered to the secretary not later than 14 days prior to the date of the meeting at which it is to be considered.
The mover of an original motion or of an amendment shall be allowed 10 minutes, and all other speakers five minutes. No member may speak more than once on any one subject. The mover of the original or amended pro­position may reply at the close of the debate, but must confine himself strictly to answering previous speakers, and not introduce any new matter. Immediately after the reply, the proposition shall be put from the chair without further debate. Asking or answering a question by permission of the chair not to be considered a speech
A member who has seconded an amendment in a formal manner shall be permitted to speak afterwards upon it. A member who has not spoken to the question before the meeting may at any time during the course of the debate move "that the question be now put", or "that the next business be proceeded with". Such motions must be made without accompanying speech, and must be forthwith put without amendment or debate, and, should either of such motions be adopted, the chairman shall, subject to the right of reply of the mover of the question under discussion, at once put the question, or proceed with the next business, as the case may be.
Any member desiring to speak upon any question whatever, must rise in his place and address himself to the chairman.
When two or more members rise at the same time, the chairman shall name the member who is to speak first.
No member, while speaking, shall be interrupted by another except upon a point of order. The member so interrupting shall confine himself to the point of order.
Whenever the chairman rises to speak no member shall continue standing, nor shall any member rise until the chairman resumes his seat.
A member shall confine his speech strictly to the motion under discussion, or to an amendment to be proposed by himself or to a question of order.
The chairman may call attention to continued irrelevance, tedious repetition, or any breach of order on the part of a member, and may direct such member to discontinue his speech.
Any one or more of these standing orders may, in cases of emergency, be suspended, provided three-fourths of the members present at the meeting vote in favour thereof.
The decision of the chairman upon any point of order shall be final.

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