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Compass Inn - The Compasses
Richard Pasilow
Richard Pasilow, publican and wheelwright established the Compass is mentioned in Whellan's Directory 1849

Compass Inn c1902
Thomas F Newberry was landlord of the Compass Inn when this was taken. He was born in Luton, Bedfordshire in 1866; his wife Elizabeth was born 1868 in Stafford.
Extract from an article

March 1863 ......... twenty or thirty working-men clubbed together and had a good dinner cooked at Mr Pasilow's at the sign of The Compass'.

04 October 1873 - Northampton Mercury 

Rushden—Mr. Cook, on the behalf of Henry Parnell, asked for the transfer of the license of the Compass beerhouse to him.

1904 The sign:

Good Stabling
The Compass Inn
T F B Newberry
Opening the rebuilt Compass Inn in 1904.
l-r: Mr A Wallis, Mrs E Hale (mother-in-law), Miss S Wilkins (of London), Mr T F B Newbury (landlord).

Wellingborough & Kettering News, December 31st, 1881, transcribed by Kay Collins

CLUB FEASTSOn Monday the Compass Inn Club sat down to a capital dinner, when, there were 21 members present. The club had paid £6 10s. as sick pay, and had a dividend of 7s. 9d. each.—The Club at the New Inn dined on Tuesday, when 56 sat down. The club had paid £6 10s., and had a dividend of 7s. 9d. each.

Compasses Inn

The Compass Inn sign in 2010 is Three Compasses but is now known as The Compasses.
Previously the sign was "Keep within the Compass". It was rebuilt in 1904.

At St Mary's Church 16th September 1920

Extract from the Parish Register: Fred, son of Charles Henry Ballard, publican of the Compass Inn, married Dora, daughter of Herbert Hirons, publican of the Wheatsheaf.

Rushden Echo, 19th September 1924, transcribed by Kay Collins

The Committee of the Compass Inn Flower Show were entertained to a dinner at the inn by the president of the show, Mr T F B Newberry, yesterday week. Mr F Jarvis (secretary) presented the balance-sheet, and said that the profit, £6 4s. 3d., would be handed to the Rushden Nursing Association. Thanks were accorded the secretary on the motion of Mr J Litchfield, seconded by Mr F Carr. Mr Jarvis thanked Mr Newberry and the donors.

1943 wedding - the only daughter of Mr and Mrs A S Folwell, The Compass Inn, Rushden.

Ron Burnett and his wife Audrey were the landlords in the 1960s & 1970s.
Audrey was well known for her musical talents. Ron died in 1977.

Music night
A music night at the Compass Inn
Under the clock "R A O B Sandwell Lodge"

c1910 1970s
c1910 - Phipps' Noted Ales and Ratliffe's Stout
and in 1970 by A J George as a "Then & Now"

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