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Fraser, Son & Mackenzie
In 1897 this property was kept by Beddall's but we have found nothing about that business.
The shop adjoined the Coffee Tavern.
the row of shops

Report in 1897 on decorations for celebrating Queen Victoria’s diamond jubilee:

The front of the Coffee Tavern was also treated with numerous fairy lamps, surmounted with the letters V.R. and a crown. The windows were decorated with bunting and numerous flags were also displayed.
Mr. Beddall's shop was decorated with flags and bunting, whilst Mr. Smith evidenced his loyalty by displaying a photo of Her Majesty, surrounded by a number of flags.
The premises of Mr. Miller were also brilliantly illuminated. The letters V. and R. in fairy lamps ware arranged on either side of the building, whilst a massive crown filled the recess over the shop front.

c1898 - from the right - C G Ward, Busby & Co, C E Knight
G S Whiting (Northampton) had traded at these premises from about 1900. He sold pianos, organs, and music.

The manager was Charles Meller.

In about 1924 he joined with T Fraser and Son of Bedford, and together they traded under the name Fraser Son & Mackenzie Ltd.

Cows being driven along High Street c1900
the shop
Shop at 16 High Street
Rushden Echo, 5th January 1917

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Whiting & Co., Rushden.

1952 invoice record sleeve
above: Record sleeve

left: Invoice for repairs and tuning the piano
at Park Road Baptist Church in 1952

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