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Article and photos, Paul Wright 2021
King Edward VII
the new look sign
The new King Edward VII & Sign

The King Edward VII stands on the corner of Cromwell Road and Queen Street, opposite the old factory of William Green and Son.

It was originally a beer-house and was granted a full licence despite the strong oppostion from the Temperence Society.

The “Flight of the Pheonix” was a film made during the mid 1960’s, based on a true story about a cargo plane that crashed in the dessert. It starred some of the big film stars of the day, including British actor Richard Attenborough, American star James Stewart, German actor Hardy Kruger, and a Scottish face in the shape of Ian Bannen.

You may be thinking, what has this got to do with a pub in Rushden? Well, quite a lot really, the object of the film was to make the plane air worthy again, and perform a rescue bid. The “Pheonix” was like a little League of Nation’s, just the cross section who may get together in the pub.

I sadly covered the closure of the King Edward VII, this was in October, 2013. And really thought I was observing the death knell of the family pub up the Queen street end of town, that has been open for well over a century.

It has seen attempts at revival since then, but alas, was not successful. At one stage during 2019, about 30 pubs a day were calling time, and would be lost forever nationally.

Fast forward to the latter stages of 2021, and the King Edward is looking like it is back in business. It had been delayed with the Covid 19 pandemic, like most other things in this country, and has been 18 months in the making.

At the end of August, 2021, Cllr Mrs Melanie Coleman, the Rushden Mayor formally opened the pub, with owners Greg Cunnington and Billy Boddington, by cutting the ribbon.

seating pool
Comfortable seating
Pool table and fruit machine

The interior all looks very impressive, and high quality, and a contrast to anything that has gone before, on the outside, that too all looks different. This looks like a serious venture, and well overdue. Even the pub sign is new, and King Edward VII looks like he is ready to welcome his guests! Before his accession to the throne, the eldest son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, was the longest-serving heir apparent in British history. He was surpassed by his great-great-grandson Prince Charles, that was on 20th April, 2011.


The “Eddie” always popular with pub games teams, who won many trophy’s over the years, and it looks like there could be more on the horizon, as they are looking to get a darts team sorted for the local league, so if you are interested in running a team, or being a player, get in touch with them on Rushden 717606. Or contact via social media platforms.

William and junior helper
Dart board etc.

Being a Free House, there is a fine selection beers, lagers and ciders on tap. Including Ruddles best bitter, Abbot Ale, Stella Artoise, Strongbow cider, Greene King IPA, Guinness, Coors Light, and not forgetting their wines and spirits.

So the new venture is without doubt a local “Flight of the Pheonix” - in the film they did escape aboard the plane.

And locally it’s back to life for the “Eddie” — Cheers, and long live the “King”!

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