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Notes by Kay Collins and Keith Cheasman

Lewis the Blacksmith

The family outside the smithy
The smithy yard at 56 High Street South

Charles Lewis was born at Isham in 1821 and he founded his smithy in Rushden in 1842, when he brought his wife Rebecca and son William here from Brigstock, his wife's birth place. In Rushden they added to their family: Walter in 1847, Wright Francis in 1850, Whyman in 1852, Wilfred in 1854, Elizabeth in 1858, Watson in 1860 and Wilheim in 1866 when Rebecca was 49 years old. The two older boys (William and Walter), and Whyman and Wilfred all followed their father's trade (William was a blacksmith and landlord of the White Horse, Wymington). Wright worked as a shoemaker and Watson and Wilheim became clickers.

In January 1917 C Robinson was the agent
when W. Lewis took out Insurance against a Zeppelin Raid.

Rebecca died in 1894 and Charles died in 1906 aged 85 years. In the 1890s Walter took over as the head of the smithy and his son Harry took over in 1914.

William (son of the William above) was the baker at Wymington and married the Wymington schoolmistress (later the postmistress) Emily Elizabeth Wood.

Danger in 1921

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