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George Robinson - Robinsons Garage Ltd
Motor Engineer
Okins' Garage Robinson's Garage from a postcard
Okins' Garage centre - taken from the 'Wheatsheaf' c1910
(right) Robinson's Garage c1940s

Advert 1921
Advert from the Rushden Echo, March 1921

George Robinson first operated a charabanc and taxi service, in about 1920, from 3 Church Street, formerly the property of W Mole, a baker. He then began servicing the vehicles and gradually offered his motor engineering skills to the townspeople, from the former Okins' garage. The area was cleared in about 1930, and a new garage built on the site. In the 1950s it changed the name to Robinson's Garage and became a limited company. It continued into the 1970s.


Rushden Echo, 22nd June 1923, transcribed by Kay Collins

Mr George Robinson, of Rushden, has purchased another charabanc of the latest pattern, with pneumatic tyres on all the wheels and a centre gangway in the car. It is a French car, of the famous Berliet make, is fitted up with electric light, and seats 14 people with perfect comfort. With all the modern improvement, the vehicle runs so smoothly that it is just like riding in a private car. We understand that parties of 12 to 14 will be specially catered for, and the car can be booked at any time, for any distance. This week the charabanc has had two trial runs, with such satisfaction that one of the parties at once booked it for another long journey.

Rushden Echo, 13th July 1928, transcribed by Kay Collins

Old Boys' Outing - Eighty members and friends of Rushden Old Boys' Association had a pleasant outing on Saturday afternoon in charabancs supplied by Mr G Robinson and in privately owned motor-cars. [full article]

Robinsons Charabanc outing c1930

Victor aged 2 (c1951) in the garage yard, eating an ice cream

Notes from Victor Ball, 2020

I grew up in Rushden during the 1950’s and 1960’s, my mother being the daughter of Ray and Gladys Robinson. My grandfather Raymond had Robinson’s Garage, and my first home in Rushden was next to the garage in the flat above the hairdressers. Then my parents moved to the other end of the High Street, to the terrace opposite Station Road.

Ray Robinson took on Ron and the other chap as apprentices and I remember them both from my childhood. When my grandfather retired in 1963 he made over the shares in his business to them as they’d been with him since the war.

The tall man (centre) is Ray Robinson, son (?) of George Robinson who ran the charabancs originally, I think, from the Lightstrung .

I think one of the other two men is Ron Cole.

My grandfather didn’t own the property: when his mother passed away in 1952(?) it was discovered that it was left to my uncle, who I think also owned Robinson’s newsagents on the corner of Church St. So the garage business moved to Bedford Road.

Below are two pictures from the 1940s:

outside the garage employees

Group of workers - in front of the open sliding doors to Robinson’s Garage - during or just after WW2.

Betty's Hairdressers, Robinson's Garage, Ginns Blacksmiths c1960
Courtesy of the late Colin Bryant's Collection

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