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Kay Collins, 2021
Rushden Times
Published every Friday


Rushden Times advert

Advert dated 1893 - in a concert programme

Advert for 4 newspapers
Advert for 4 newspapers
Passed to us in 2021, the only copy seen! This was printed on a sheet of best quality newspaper, and is almost white, and issue no. 128. Although the pages are un-numbered, the 4 large sheets are still joined together, but folded to read as a book; yet to try do that would tear the pages? The sheet is still in good condition and complete, although it has two holes (perhaps mice?).
Much of the content is national or county news, with a few Rushden items and adverts.
At the end: Printed at the "Times" Printing Offices, by Ellen Steff, Lower-street, Kettering, and published by Wm. R. Peaple, at the offices, Church-street, Rushden.
The manager was W R Peaple. An entry in Stephens' Directory 1893 tells us he was manager
of the "Wellingborough Post & Rushden Times;" offices 25 Market Street, Wellingborough.

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