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Samuel Saint

William Saint
Stone Mason
Baker & Confectioner

Rushden Echo, November 1901

Samuel Saint was born at Godmanchester in 1874. He married Annie (nee Driver) in 1897.

He came to Rushden with his wife and established his business at the corner of Newton Road and Robert Street. His younger brother George was his apprentice and lived with them. Their first daughter Maud was born in 1898, and three more daughters were born by 1911. Maud later married George Walmsley, but sadly she died before her parents, aged 36. She is buried in Rushden Cemetery, and her parents are next to her - plots DA 514/515/516.

Rushden Echo 1898
William Saint was born at Godmanchester in 1873 and in 1897 married Catherine (nee Tuckfield) of St Neots.

He came to Rushden and they established a buiness at 52 Grove Road. He possibly worked with James Britten from 1903 when he took 50 Grove Road.

William and Catherine continued to live at 52 Grove Road, and had a son Roy born in 1901. William died in 1944 and was buried in Rushden Cemetery grave F 672.

They were second and third sons of John Saint, a rural postman, and Mary his wife.
The brothers both continued with their trades in Rushden until WWII.

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