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D W Sherwood - Antiques

Bradford House Antiques
1960 Bradford House Antiques
Sheila Sherwood is inside looking out.

Sherwood’s Antiques

The shop in Little Street was previously a haberdashery shop called Bradford House.

It was rather derelict when Don and Sheila Sherwood took it over in 1960, and they first called the business “Bradford House Antiques.”

Shortly after the name was changed to Sherwood’s Antiques.

Notes from Sheila Sherwood

before Sherwood
1953 advert

1979 advert

Built in 1888
D Sherwood - Antiques Centre
1976 advert
Built in 1888 by Mr Bayes
as a general store, was No 1 Harborough Road
D W Sherwood - Antiques Centre
Now No 59 Little Street

c1975 some of the goods
Some items outside - c1975 by Vic Childs

Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire Life December 1967, transcribed by Susan Manton

D.W. Sherwood Antiques Ltd.

Mr. and Mrs. Sherwood carry on a family business which has been established for 50 years – though the premises in Rushden have only been operable for 20 years.

The emphasis has always been on items of local interest in both counties. They have always specialised in early English drinking glasses, early prints, books and maps and carry an extensive collection of pillow lace items such as maids, winders, pillows and over 40,000 bobbins. They also carry a good selection of basket fire grates, old and new. In fact, they do their best to cover every aspect of the trade. Unfortunately their stock is not always on display so those customers that do not know them are advised to enquire regarding items of particular interest.

D. W. Sherwood are open 5 days a week from 10.30 – 6.00 and closed all day Thursday and Sunday.

Renovations in 1998

Mr Sherwood died in 2020.

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