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by C F Chapman
In the 1920s by C F Chapman

The Unicorn
The Unicorn when it was for sale in 2006

The Unicorn was built in 1907 and served Praed's ales and stouts and mineral water. It is in Grove Road, about a hundred yards from the old Fire Station in Newton Road. The firemen used it as their "home pub" and often relaxed there after working their shift.

It closed in about 2006 and is now a private house.

Extract from a longer article 1919

Manton-Road and Grove-Road - Mr. and Mrs. C. Dixon, of the Unicorn Inn, kindly offered a large room and made arrangements for tea for residents of Manton-road and Grove-road, which would, but for the rain, have been held in the road. A capable committee of ladies assisted Mr. and Mrs. Dixon with the work, and Mrs. W. Robinson, Mr. W. Clayton, Messrs. Knight and Lawrence, and others gave donations towards the expenses.
Extract from a Golden Wedding report 1933

Mr. Abbott, landlord of "The Unicorn" rendered valuable assistance in making the arrangements for the occasion.

Extract from 'Haunted Inns of Northamptonshire',
by kind permission of the author Dorothy Priest, and Robert Wharton

The Unicorn Inn
Not only was the powdered horn of a unicorn believed to be an aphrodisiac but it was also thought that dipping the horn in a suspicious liquid would determine whether or not it contained any poison. These beliefs led to it being the sign for chemists and apothecaries ...... not an auspicious sign for an inn.

The publican, interviewed in 1996, spoke of light switches going on and off while chills and waves of heat could be felt, following one another in quick succession. He told of hearing the sounds of beer being delivered into the cellar and the sound of movement and footsteps in empty rooms. The response given to me by an elderly gentleman living nearby was, "Well, that's no surprise. There used to be a mortuary out the back of the pub, was there for years."

1950s Team with Clubs & Institute trophies

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