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Frank Wills

The premises in Alfred Street
Frank Wills' outdoor beer house in Alfred Street c1912

Staff at the cinema in 1912
Staff of the Palace Cinema.
The boy in the centre is Horace Wills.
July 1912
Frank E Wills kept an outdoor beer house at number 25 Alfred Street. The brewery was Phipps of Northampton. Frank's shop was facing the Palace Cinema, and they watched the cinema taking shape, until it opened in 1910.

Building the Palace cinema
Constructing the Palace stage area in 1910. The wall of the beer house is in the background and the man in a suit,
taking an interest in the proceedings, is Frank Wills.

Frank's son Horace became a "limelight boy" at the cinema and is pictured left, with staff outside the cinema in 1912. Horace established himself as a wireless engineer in 1920 and traded at 38 High Street.

Frank first had a Model T Ford motor, and then in 1933 he bought a brand new Austin Ten for £135.

The new van in 1933
Frank Wills' Van 1933

The shop Billhead
Model T Ford outside the shop
Bill head from the early 1900s

Personalised section of the blotter Personalised section ofa blotter
These personalised adverts were on a blotter to give away
to customers.

The coloured adverts
are taken from
'Motoring Terms Illustrated'.

They show:-

A Police Trap

Side Slipping &

A Special Demonstration

Advertising blotter
detail from the advertising blotters Detail from an advertising blotter

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