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South End Junior School
On the river at the Festival of Britain in 1951
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We have been sent two copies of this picture - one dated c1951
and one 1955. Please can anyone confirm?
1951 class
South End Juniors c1951
Caption passed to us by Robert Freeman with additions from David Carr

The teacher left is Mr Clark and headmaster Mr Astle is far right

Back row: Colin Green, Michael Cox, ?, Mary Smith, Ian Crowdy, ?, Brian Robinson, David Colson,
Carl Warren, Dave Hart.

2nd row: ?, John Dilley, Paul Tompkins, Roger Alderman, Robert Clarke, ?, Roy Tew, ?, ?.

3rd row: Diane Denton, ?, - Coggins, Pat Richardson, Christine White, ?, Carol Sawford,
?, ?, - Blackwell.

4th row: ?, Jeanette Corbett, Janet Reynolds, Teresa Killick, Elizabeth Bates, ?, ?, Janet Butcher, ?, Carol Burgess, Virginia Sackett.

Front row: Chris Whitwell, Robert Freeman, Richard Parkinson, Paul Robinson.

Note: From Margaret Goodwin - might have been taken on Empire Day as many girls are wearing
their Brownie uniforms, & we celebrated the day by wearing uniforms at Alfred St. School.

South End 1954

Taken in May 1954. Some names Barb Burns (Australia) remembers.

Back row : 2nd girl’s name: Kathleen ?

3rd row : 4th girl’s name: Judith ?

Middle row : 2nd girl is Barbara , 6th girl Melanie Wiggins

South End 1955
South End 1955

4th row: Mr  Clark, ?, ?, Paul Tompkins, Roger Alderman, Robert Clark, ?, Roy Tew, Robert Butcher, Stuart Ingram, Mr. Astle

3rd row: Paula Nunley, Cheryl Brown, Jean Cockings, Pat Richardson, Christine White,
Susan Jacques, Carol Sawford, Jill Collins, Jennifer Harris, Veronica Blackwell

2nd row: Neil Godfrey, ?, Nigel Allen, Jeannette Corbette, Janet Reynolds, ?, Liz Corishley, ?,
Christine Fuller,
Janet Butcher, Diane Denton, Virginia Sackett

Front row: ?, Barry Scholes, Colin Clarke, Willis, Jeff Nunley, Paul Crowdy, ?

1956 Caption from Stuart and Ellen Godfrey (nee Willmott), additions from Norman Tilley

Back row: Richard Marks, Richard Dickens, Norman Tilley, Robert Bachelor, Terry Chapman,
Clive Moss, John Eaton, John Hales, Alan Smith, ?, Mr Harley

3rd row: ?, ?, ?, Katherine Randle, ?, ?, Valerie Ainge, Susan Barringham, ?, Jean Bennet, Susan Dilley

2nd row: ?, Gillian Burgess, Barbara Parnell, Diane Partridge, Beatrice Astle (Mr Astle's daughter),
Judith Crane, Anne Chettle, Jill Folder, Diana Cherry, ?, Joy Abrahams, ?, ?

Front row: Michael Abrahams, ? Myers, John Bloor, ?, Stuart Godfrey, John Clark, Trevor Warhurst,
Andrew Hunt

Please contact us if you can fill in any names.

The whole of South End County Primary School in 1958 Sent in by Bob Green
left to right: Back row No.18. is my sister Pauline Hazel Green (10) and somewhere in the front row is me Robert Stephen Green (7)

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