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Transcribed by Tim Couzens, 2021
Documents Transcribed
see also Sir Robert Long

Bond of Covenant from Luke Addington of Higham Park, 1668, partly in Latin.

Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre Ref: 2943B/1/38.
Four Bonds of Covenant

Involving: Long, Chapman, Kew, Allen, [Wayte], Bayly [Messiter], Addington

Date: Aug 1668 

Recipient: Sir Robert Long [1st Bart., Auditor of Receipt in the Exchequer, d 1673]  

Recipient Address: Westminster

Author: Luke Addington

1st Part is Latin [not transcribed] Lucam Addington of Higham Parke in parish of Rushden, Northants, Sir Robert Long of Westminster, Bart.  

The condition of this obligation is such that if the above bound Luke Addington etc do and shall from tyme to tyme & att all tymes hereafter well and truly pay observe ye forme fufill & keepe all & every the rents payments covenants grants articles & agreements which on his or their ptes & behalfes are or ought to bee payed observed & formed fulfilled & kept mentioned specified written & sett downe in one paire of Indentures bearing even date wthe these presents made between Sr Robert Long of the one pte & Luke Addington of the other pte according to the purport true intents & meaning of the Indentures the this present obligation to bee voyde & of none effect or else to stande remaine in full force & vertue. 

Sigillat & delibati p Seuria Jo: Elms, Rich Gage, Paul Burrard. [Signed & sealed] Luke Addington.

Transcribed by Tim Couzens
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