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Courtesy of Nick Holt
Farm and Farming

out buildings
Out-buildings and dairy
Farm House

Washday - Harry Holt and his family lived here until 1950 - before moving
into Bencroft Grange. The cottage was demolished in 1959.

Snow on the farm in 1947
smow 1947 hedges covered

Steam Engine
steam plough
Ploughing engine taking coal brought out by the horse and cart

Two 18 hp rope engines by Fowler – known as a ploughing engine they were purchased in pairs complete with a Balance plough, Cultivator, two Water carts and living Van. Grandfather purchased these around 1915-16 difficult to get them because of the 1st war. Father remembered that they came in basic form no brass or add on’s. Two men and Monty Holt went up to Fowlers works, Leeds I think, and drove them back to HP with two of Fowler's engineers to demonstrate and set them right. Grandfather had a pair of 5hp Fowlers that they brought from Spratton to HP however they were not man enough on the heavier ground, so they were traded for the 18hp models.

6 furrow Fowler Balance Plough
and the cultivator it pulled across the fields

(above) Bill Holt is leading a bull c1958

(left) Harry Holt is riding a bull in the 1940s

Farming in 1930s
Stacking Hay for winter feed
Dutch Barn store
Using the conveyor belt to the top & (right)
Traction engine driving belts of the threshing machine

My father always said he had a clean licence all his life however I found out that he was fined 5 shillings at Sharnbrook Court for blowing steam on an engine whilst travelling down Rushden High Street (around 1927). He said they used to do this if they were passing young ladies they knew, to make them jump!!

bulk grain

Loading Bulk Grain 1956

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