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Deeds & Transcripts
Top of a Manor Court document
Deeds or "Indentures" were drawn up to transfer land or property, or as a contract between parties, and include leases, conveyances and sales.

Sometimes they detail previous transfers and quote dates and wording from earlier documents, and may also give names of the occupiers, as well as the owners of such properties. After 1840 a plan may accompany the document which allows us to locate the property on a modern map. Land or premises to be transferred on the occasion of a marriage, where the girl's father would endow her husband with the property, are referred to as "Marriage Settlements". "Deeds of Gift" were drawn up to pass on more personal items and may take the format of a will. Contracts between a master and an apprentice, or his or her parent or guardian, were drawn up to detail the terms and conditions of such "Apprenticeships" for both parties. "Trust Deeds" or "Covenants" gave the right to hold property until the coming to age of minors. "Abstract of Title" deeds list all the earlier conveyances of land and property. Property deeds may mention several owners and occupiers.

These documents were usually duplicated (sometimes triplicated) with a copy to each party and sometimes were written on one piece of parchment or paper. This would be cut and divided after the signing and sealing, sometimes with a wavy edge so that no other piece could ever be substituted.

The oldest deeds are written on parchment and are long and drawn out, as with most legal documents. If there were several pages they were usually overlaid and the bottom edge of the outer page would be turned up in front of the others. Holes would be cut and ribbons of parchment were then threaded through all the layers and the ends sealed with sealing wax, the seal would be impressed with the parties' seals, and their signatures added, alongside the ribbon, so the document was "signed & sealed".

Many deeds are now lodged in Record Offices, especially if they were land and property transfers at the Manor Court, others remain in private hands.

We have also seen a bundle of photocopies of Terriers and several are now transcribed.

Forename Surname Reference
Manor of Rushden surrender Thomas MEE NRO Ref: YZ5176
Manor of Rushden surrender Thomas RANDALL privately held
Manor of Rushden admission Richard STEVENS privately held
Manor of Rushden admission John SMITH privately held
Manor of Rushden admission Thomas CHURCH privately held
Manor of Rushden surrender Wm & Elizabeth DODSON privately held
Manor of Rushden admission Bryan STEVENS privately held
Manor of Rushden surrender
HEWITT to CHURCH privately held
Manor of Rushden admission Mary CHURCH privately held
Manor of Rushden admission Richard STEVENS privately held
Manor of Rushden admission William BLOTT privately held
Letters Patent grant Levi HEWITT of Higham Ferrers privately held
Manor of Rushden surrender William BETSON to WILMOTT privately held
Indenture conveyance William PENNESS & H CARTWRIGHT privately held
Deeds various 'Greenways'€ Montague Street now No 69 Moor Road privately held
Indenture conveyance John SHORTLAND privately held
Manor of Rushden 3 documents Thomas & Walter WILMOTT privately held
Bundle of deeds various B U S M Co HUNTS PRINTERS privately held
Indenture partnership
Duchy of Lancaster admission Jeremiah KNIGHT privately held
Duchy of Lancaster agreement Caroline & Arthur SARTORIS NRO Ref: YZ6025
Deed mortgage William Norwood GINNS (+ note to GUINEE 1955) privately held
Deed conveyance
TODD to HENSMAN privately held
Deed conveyance W H  DILLEY to F C CRAKER privately held
Abstract of Title conveyance Henry PAGE privately held
Deed re a wall A J ABBOTT privately held

Notes - from Bundles of deeds

NRO Ref: F(M)M76 (not seen) listed as an "18C petition by the proprietors of Rushden against disturbing the quality of the lordship..... good farmers should not have to pay taxes to help the lazy"

Deeds listed in the catalogue of Higham Ferrers solicitors, Simpson and Mason, deposited at Northamptonshire Record Office.
None of these documents have been studied.

NRO Ref: Simpson & Mason Accession 1948/172

Box 945

Deeds - Including 16 for Wollaston properties, 51 for Rushden properties and 101 for Raunds properties.

Box 943

Deeds - Including 11 for Raunds 1750-1894, 24 for Rushden 1753-1858, 30 for Wollaston 1771-1854, 14 for Stanwick 1820-1885

Deeds listed in other catalogues

NRO Ref:

Jenyson to Ekins
messuage and bakehouse
Rectory, Hall & farmlands

Manor Farm (Wilmott's Farm)
[no info given]
copyhold - later Cross Roads Estate
Duck Street

1855 - 1975
11 Griffith Street
Building lots
High Street - carpenter's shop & Old Post Office
deed & plan Draytons Close
Cross Roads Estate
Methodist Chapel, Fitzwilliam Street
Moor Road / Montague Street
North Street Mission Room
Lease of printing Office

BC18/1 & 2

1850 - 1976
deeds relating to Messrs John Cave & Sons
Rushden Hall Estate (inc. almshouses)

See also Genealogy - Poor Law Apprenticeships trancribed

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