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Kay Collins, 2021
Harborough Road
Harborough Road, formerly Harborough Park was, in the 19th Century, owned and farmed by the Manning family. The last of the family was Alfred, who sold the 107 acre farm and moved from the Farm House, 61 Litt1e Street, in 1887 to Olney.
One of the oldest buildings to survive in Rushden.
With just a few terraced houses, this street is behind the Farm House and this grass area with footpath into the Barrington Road estate, and on up towards the
Bypass and Harborough Field Surgery.
61 Little Street - corner of Harborough Road
Manning Street is just around the corner from the farm

South Side - going up hill
Extract from an obituary: In 1885 Mr Carrington built one of the first houses in the Harborough-road district.

Date stone Spinney Cottage
Spinney Cottage 1887
No 2 Harborough Road

Old stone cottages - date unknown

The row of stone cottages - No 20 down to Little Street and Farmhouse

Number 20 is the corner
with Manning Street.

It was once occupied by Mr. Frank Jones who had seven sons, and later by Mr. Garfirth and his son.

Both families were very popular family butchers.

Number 20 used to Garfirth's the butchers

36 + 34 Dale Cottages with entry between
40 + 38 Gladstone & Arbury Cottages

54 Harborough Road
Fern Villas - 56 + 54 Harborough Road

Harborough Park Villas - 66 + 64

ex Warner factory
Former factory of George Warner, later Clifford Collins,
now converted to flats as Harborough Place.

This row rising above the factory shows the mix of houses built in this road.

No 70 was occupied by Alfred Stokes in 1901, a shoe factory manager, probably at George Warner's. It was usual to build a house for owner or manager, adjoining a factory as the street was built to house the workers coming in from the outlying villages during the late 19C.

80 is another larger property amongst the cottages, with a bungalow beyond; there are no other bungalows in the road! It is called Pightles View, built in 1901.
A bungalow at 82, then 80 - 70 in a variety of styles

From the bungalow to the top - a variety of cottages with the cemetery gates beyond.
Cars were not invented when this street was built, but many on this side of the road have
a back entrance where several occupiers have now built garages.

92 with painted flower
102 - 96
Right: 92 has a painted flower on the porch wall

Above: former Selwood Factory site - looking into Harborough Way
Right: Near the Cemetery entrance

Harborough Way

Looking east - with Cemetery behind - next to the
old Lodge garden - these are built on the former Selwood site

Harborough Way play area
1-19 have their parking spaces behind this small play area
Harborough Way - far left part of Cordwainers

North Side - going up hill
Back of Sherwood's with garage of No 1
No 1 adjoined to Cherry Orchard Cottages in Park Road

No 3 - a former corner shop

No 5/7 formerly Smart's factory - now Ken Woodward's with 9 + 11 above
Properties behind are part of Southfields development

9 to 15

Harboro Court Mews
Factory at 21 - formerly George Selwood, then Horace Wright.
Now 8 flats with 21B & 21C behind - Harborough Court Mews.

29 - 31 Woodbine Cottages built in 1887 with entry between
Harborough Court Mews to 33 - Myrtle Cottage.

75 looking down hill - taken in 2007, with far fewer cars parked on the day!

Former Selwood Factory site - near the Cemetery entrance
looking into Harborough Way

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