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Civil Registration

In England Civil Registration was introduced in 1837, and in 1855 in Scotland.

The figures collected by each Registrar allowed the government and local councils to set their targets for schools, health and welfare, housing, work, etc.

The Registrar was also in charge of Cenus records being collected.

Rushden Echo, 5th April 1901, transcribed by Kay Collins

Taking the Census—Twenty-two enumerators, of both sexes, were at work on Monday morning in Rushden and neighbourhood, collecting the by this time familiar blue papers which the “head of the house” had to fill up. The district which is controlled by Mr. G. R. Turner, includes Rushden, Higham, Irthlingborough, Irchester, Wymington, and Podington, and nearly every place will show increases in the number of inhabitants, and in some cases they will be substantial increases. On the whole, but little difficulty was experienced by the enumerators with regard to the filling up of the papers. In some cases the hand writing was of the usual elementary school type, children filling up the papers for their “head.”

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