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Sales 1890s

Rushden Argus, 7th March 1890


situate in Pemberton Street and the Manton Estate, Rushden.

Mr. J. J. Coulbeck

AT the Coffee Tavern, Rushden, aforesaid, on THURSDAY, the 20th day of March, 1890, at 6 for 7 o'clock in the evening, subject to such Conditions of Sale as will be then produced, and in the following or such Lots as may then be determined upon:—

Lot 1—All those 3 new brick-built and slated DWELLING-HOUSES, with the outbuildings and appurtenances thereto, in the several occupations of Messrs. Tear, Dungate, and Campton, at gross annual rentals amounting to £39.

Lot 2—All those 4 new brick-built and slated DWELLING-HOUSES, and BAKEHOUSE, situate in Pemberton-street, aforesaid; in the several occupations of Messrs. Payne, Scholes, Colton, and Palmer, at gross annual rents amounting to £50 2s.

Lot 3—All that piece or parcel of FREEHOLD BUILDING LAND, with a frontage of about 54 feet to Pemberton-street, aforesaid; and containing 630 square yards, or thereabouts.

Lot 4—All that piece or parcel of FREEHOLD BUILDING LAND, situate on the Manton Estate, with a frontage of about 36 feet to Manton-road, and containing 360 square yards or thereabouts, as now stumped out.

A reasonable proportion of the purchase money can remain on mortgage, if required.

For full particulars, apply to the Auctioneer, Wellingborough and Higham Ferrers, or to

Solicitors, Wellingborough.

Rushden Argus, 10th March 1893


FREEHOLD BEERHOUSE, Cottages, Sandpits and Land,
(by order of the executors of the late Mr. W. Foskett),

To BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY Mr. J. J. Coulbeck

At the Coffee Tavern, Rushden, on Thursday March 20th, 1890, at 6 for 7 in the evening, subject to such Conditions of Sale as will then be produced, in the following or such Lots as may then be determined upon:

Lot 1—All that substantially-built BEER-HOUSE and DWELLING-HOUSE on Rushden Hill, in the occupation of Mr. T. Bland, coloured blue on plan. The premises have a frontage to the main road of about 37 feet, with excellent cellar and attic accommodation, and with convenient stabling.

Lot 2—All that DWELLING-HOUSE with the appurtenances thereto belonging, adjoining Lot 1, coloured yellow on plan, in the occupation of Mr. W. Fensom.

Lot 3— All those 2 COTTAGES in the rear of Lot 1, coloured pink on plan, in the occupation of Mr. T. Harris and Mr. W. C. Ager.

Lot 4—All that plot of BUILDING LAND coloured red on plan, containing 604 square yards (or thereabouts).

Lot 5—All that plot of BUILDING LAND, coloured brown on plan, containing 1,077 square yards (or thereabouts).

Lot 6—All that SANDPIT and LAND, coloured green on plan, containing 2a., 2r., and 33p. (or thereabouts).

Land Tax on all Lots redeemed.

A Plan of the property as lotted may be seen at the Coffee Tavern, Rushden, at the Solicitor's or Auctioneer's Offices, and will be produced at the Sale.

Further particulars may be obtained of the Auctioneers, Wellingboro' and Higham Ferrers; of Mr. W. Wilkins, Rushden; or of

Solicitor, Higham Ferrers.

Three £10 SHARES in Rushden Gas Company, Three £2 10s. ditto; also 30 £1 Shares in the Rushden Coffee House Company.

Wellingborough News, 1st April 1892, transcribed by Kay Collins

Messrs. Pendered & Son

WILL SELL BY AUCTION, on Monday, 11th April, 1892, by order of Mr. H. Checksfield, (he having let his lower show-room to Messrs. J. and C. Robinson, of Wellingboro'), a large assortment of good new and second-hand FURNITURE, CHINA, GLASS, &c.

For full particulars see posters and next week's papers.

Rushden Argus, Friday 4th April, 1890, transcribed by Kay Collins

Rushden Local Intelligence
IMPORTANT PROPERTY SALE—Messrs. Pendered & Son, of Wellingborough, offered for sale, at the Coffee Tavern, on Monday last, several lots of valuable property situate in Rushden.

Lot 1 consisted of the dwelling-house and premises occupied by Mrs. Colson, sen., which, starting at £200, was knocked down to Mr. F. Knight, for £380.

Lot 2 the shoe manufactory adjoining Lot 1, lately in the occupation of Messrs. Wm. Colson & Co., received £500 as the first bid, Mr. F. Knight being again the purchaser at £950.

Lot 3 the residence, garden, &c., in the occupation of Mr. Wm. Colson, was withdrawn at £790.

Lot 4 a plot of land adjoining Lot 3, was purchased by Dr. Crew for £890; and

Lot 5 a plot of land on the Wellingborough-road, with butcher's shop built thereon, was bought by Mr. G. H. Skinner for £100.

Northampton Mercury, April 5th 1890, transcribed by Susan Manton

Important Property Sale

On Monday evening Messrs. Pendered and Son held a most successful sale of valuable freehold and copyhold property. There was a large company present. All the lots except Lot 3 (villa residence) were sold. The following are the lots, as offered, with the purchasers.

The substantially built dwelling house, with the garden and outbuildings, in the occupation of Mrs. Colson, was started at £200 and sold at £380 to Mr. Fred Knight. The shoe manufactory and premises, lately in the occupation of Messrs. William Colson and Co., together with the excellent and convenient residence and appurtenances, lately in the occupation of Mr. Haydn Packwood, was started at £500 and sold for £950 to Mr. Fred Knight. The substantially built detached residence, with garden, outhouses and appurtenances, and also coach house, stabling and stable road at the rear, situate in Church Street, Rushden, in the occupation of Mr. William Colson, started at £350 and withdrawn at £790. A plot of building land, with long frontage to Church Street, and extending there from to White’s Lane, containing two acres or thereabouts, started at £400 and sold to Mr. D. Crew, for £890. The plot of land containing 333½ square yards, with butcher’s shop erected thereupon, situate in the Wellingborough Road, in the occupation of Mr. T. Lacy started at £50 and sold to Mr. G. H. Skinner for £100. Mr. James Heygate, solicitor, Wellingborough was the solicitor.

The Argus, 11th April 1890, transcribed by Kay Collins

PROPERTY SALE — Mr. F. S. Abbott offered for sale at the Coffee Tavern on Thursday evening several lots of valuable property in the centre of Rushden, abutting on the High-street, and a new street connecting the High-street with Park-road, the whole being the property of Mrs. Mantle. Lot 1, consisting of 861 square yards fronting the High-street, was withdrawn at the reserved price, 4s. 11d. per yard. Lots 2, 3, and 4, consisting of 1,170, 1,008, and 933 yards respectively, were knocked down to Mr. C. Bayes, at 3s. per yard. Lot 5, consisting of 603 yards, was purchased by Mr. J. Margetts for 3s. 1d. per yard. Mr. T. Willmott bought Lot 6 (1,287 yards), at 2s. 6d. Mr. W. S. Knight bought Lot 7 (783 yards) at 2s. 11d., and Lot 8, was knocked down to Mr. S. Knight, jun., at 2s. 9d. per yard. Lots 9 and 11 (766 and 750 yards) realised 2s. 11d. per yard, Mr. C. Bayes being the purchaser. Mr. S. Knight bought Lot 10 (827 yards) at 2s. 9d., whilst Lot 12 (833 yards), was bought by Mr. W. S. Knight at 2s. 9d. per yard. Mr. C. Robinson bought Lot 13 (733 yards) at 2s. 11d.; Mr. G. White, Lot 14 (837 yards) at 2s. 11d ; and Lot 15, consisting of 722 square yards was purchased at 2s. 11d. per yard, by Mr. C. Robinson. Lot 16 (711 yards) realised 3s. 3d., Mr. J. Barwick being the purchaser; and Dr. Owen bought Lot 17 (845 yards) at 4s. per yard. Lot 18 having a frontage to High-street, was withdrawn at 5s. 11d. per yard. Messrs. Simpson and Mason were the solicitors.

Northampton Mercury, June 27th 1890, transcribed by Susan Manton

Rushden Northamptonshire

Freehold dwelling houses and a plot of building land

W.J. Clarke is instructed to Sell by Auction

On Thursday July 10th 1890 at the Coffee Tavern, High Street, Rushden and subject to the conditions of Sale to be then and there produced.

Thirty five brick built and dated Freehold Dwelling Houses, situate and being in Oliver Cromwell Road, Rushden, Northamptonshire each containing two sitting rooms, scullery and two bedrooms, with long gardens, workshops and other appurtenances at the rear, let to good tenants all ground rentals amounting to £313. 10s per annum.

The whole will first be offered in one lot and if not then sold will be sub-divided into two or more, as may be decided upon at the time of the Sale.

To view, apply to the tenants, and for further particulars to the Auctioneer, 12, Guildhall Road or to Richard R.W. Hall Esq. Solicitor 16, Abington street both in the Town of Northampton.

Also will be sold at the same time and place a plot of building ground, fronting the Newton Road, Rushden, aforesaid. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneer, 12, Guildhall Road, Northampton or to Messrs. Pugh, Phillips and Morgan, Solicitors, Wellingborough.

Wellingborough News, 3rd October 1890, transcribed by Kay Collins

Denton’s Row

Charles Smeathers
Will Sell by Auction

On Monday Oct. 6th, the Household Furniture and Effects, on the premises as above, Comprising:-

Iron Bedstead, Feather Bed, Bolster and Pillow, Sheets, Pillow-cases, Books, Quilts, Carpets, Hearth-rugs, Chests of Drawers, Pictures, Washstands, Dressing Tables, Windsor and Cane-seated chairs, Tables, Pier Glass, Glass Ware, China, Mahogany Couch, Bureau, Bedstead, rivetter’s Bench, Garden tools, good Wheelbarrow (nearly new), and kitchen utensils.

Sale to commence at 3 o’clock.

Wellingborough News, 12th December 1890, transcribed by Kay Collins

At The Rectory, Rushden,
Messrs. Pendered & Son,

ON Thursday, 18th Dec., 1890, at the Rectory, Rushden, by order of the Executors of the Rev. J. T. Barker, deceased, comprising:

A one-and-a-half year-old pure-bred Alderney heifer, a one-and-a-half-year-old half-bred ditto, a pure-bred Alderney cow (barren).

Set of brass-mounted nag harness, set of pony ditto, 2 riding saddles, bridles, horse clothing, rollers, &c., carriage steps, corn bin and chest, old wagon, cart, and water cart; old iron, hardwood, firewood, aviary (as standing), nest of 22 drawers, cross-cut saw, 3 large window frames, iron garden roll, Ransome's automaton lawn mower, hand drill, garden tools, flower stand, 8 garden chairs, 3 door scrapers, lawn tennis marker and tennis nets, 7 tree protectors, 11 sea-kale pots, double-barrel gun, bicycle in good order, &c. Also part of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Comprising—7 iron bedsteads, 7 wool mattresses, 2 hair ditto, excellent wardrobe with drawers under, ditto with 6 moveable trays, 5 chests of drawers, 8 washstands and dressing-tables, chamber services, Brussels and tapestry carpets, bath, 12 cane-seat chairs, 2 linen baskets, a large old-fashioned chest with silver studs, antique oak flap table, 2 and 1 elbow antique hall chairs, several other old-fashioned chairs, oak upright cupboard, oak Pembroke table, linen press, oak chest, pieces of carving, &c., 2 oak tables, mahogany cabinet with marble top, bronze umbrella stand, gipsy table, black upright bookcase with brass trellis fronts, mahogany dining table, mahogany office table (4 drawers), oil painting, walnut and other whatnots, walnut fancy table, pair of cane-seat stools, dinner service, pink and white tea service, bronze tea urn, pewter measures, corner cupboard, brass boiler, patent knife cleaner, filter, tables, 3 lengths cocoa matting, meat safe, and numerous other lots.

Sale to commence with out-door effects at Twelve noon, sharp.

Wellingborough News, 28th December 1894, transcribed by Kay Collins

Rushden - The Pightles Estate
THIS Valuable FREEHOLD BUILDING LAND, the property of Messrs. Knight and Bradfield, with important frontages to Park-road, Newton-road, and several new roads, as shown on plan, will shortly be Offered by Auction, in Plots suitable for Business Premises, Cottages, or Villas. The land tax is re-deemed, and the new roads in course of construction. Both carriage-ways and footways, will be completed and taken over by the Local Authority as Public Highways, in accordance with an agreement which has been made between the Vendors and the Rushden Local Board, thus relieving purchasers from any liability whatever in respect to construction or maintenance of the roads.

The water mains are already laid over the estate. The Vendors will give to the purchasers free conveyance (Stamp Duty excepted), and will accept payment of the purchase money on the 4½ years system, that is to say a ten per cent, deposit and the balance by nine half-yearly payments.

Plans can be seen at the Vendor's Business Premises; at the office of MESSRS. SHARMAN & ARCHER, Wellingborough; or MESSRS. SIMPSON AND MASON, Rushden.

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