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From the Programme
Cricket Match at Skew Bridge Club
Sunday 17th August 1980

A cricket match at the Skew Bridge Country Club was organised between the Godfrey Evans Old England XI and the Lords Taverner's XI. Godfrey wrote an article on Wicket-Keeping. A brief history of the Club was added.

programme coverA short background and history of the Skew Bridge Country Club

Open fields were a predominent feature of the surrounding countryside where the Skew Bridge Country Club now stands. In 1952 the ground was excavated for sand and gravel, thus leaving a gaping hole, which when filled with water left a lake ideal for the then up and coming sport of water skiing.

Friends were invited to this new and exciting innovation, and a Club was formed called the Skew Bridge Ski Club, so called, because of the awkward rail bridge crossing the main road near the entrance to the Club.

A Nissen Hut was erected on site alongside the lake to form the original Club House. This was soon followed by a new Club House on the style of a large Swiss Chalet.

The soil from the lake was used to build a dry ski slope and thus started the formation of one of the best Country Clubs now in existence in the Midlands.

In the meantime, ownership of the Club had changed twice. So from a small and unique assembly, a much larger community had to be catered for.

The building of four new squash courts; the conversion of the Nissen Hut into a new bar and an ideal spot for disco parties; the new extension to the restaurant in the main Club House; two hard tennis courts and a swimming pool, have all added to make the Club a comprehensive sporting unit, as well as a Club to offer food and catering for all tastes and a range for all pockets.

Golf and cricket will take its place with the other facilities on offer to the members, and with planning consent to build accommodation overlooking the lake, the Club will go from strength to strength and give pleasure and satisfaction to all its members, and to Mr. Derek Morgan the chairman of this thriving sports centre.

Wicket-Keeping by Godfrey Evans, Ex Kent and England

Like the Star of a show or the Hub of a wheel, a wicket-keeper is right in the middle of all the action, he acts as the main pivot for all the fielders whether they are on the boundary or close to the wicket.

Every ball is bowled towards him, most throws come to him, and don't forget all batsmen are very wary of him (If he is any good) hence his great value to any team.

Equipment   Gloves, Pads and Box.

Gloves must be soft and pliable to the hands so that when the ball smacks into them the fingers automatically rap themselves around it. This is done when the gloves are new, by placing them uppermost on some grass, and, with the bottom of a cricket bat thumping the centre of the glove, this will flatten the stuffing or padding, thus making it far more flexible for the user.

Pads should be light and comfortable so as to be able to move like grease-lightning, remember all balls should be gathered by the gloves, pads only come into use when there is a nasty delivery, a difficult bounce or a mistake, this should not happen too often!

Always wear a box or abdominal protector   This aids confidence, and stops flinching and snatching at the ball.

5 basic pointers to good wicket-keeping.

1.  Have a good view of the ball. (Stand wide of the batsman)

2.  Be evenly balanced. (Ready to move either way)

3.  Concentration. (Watch the ball all the time)

4.  Do not snatch. (Let the ball come to the gloves don't meet the ball going forward)

5.  Whenever practicable have your body or some part of you behind the ball. (In other words stop it)

Appeal when you think the batsman is out, don't cheat, you get found out in the end.

At all times be keen and enthusiastic, help the Captain as much as possible by telling him of a bowlers swing or spin, your information will aid him to make his decision that could easily make the difference to winning or losing a match.

Lastly, enjoy yourself, your example will be followed by the whole team, cricket is a game to enjoy, and good wicket-keeping helps the team to do this whether your side wins, loses or draws. Good luck.


On behalf of the Lords Taverners the Skew Bridge Country Club would like to thank the following for their contribution towards a successful day:—

John Waltham Associates, Assurance Consultants & Insurance Services 21 Church Street, Rushden, Northants. Tel: Rushden 58132

Percy W. House, "The Distinctive Jeweller', 54 High Street, Rushden. High Grade Watches Gold & Silver, The House for Personnal Service. Tel: Rushden 53171

G. E. Morgan (Electrical) Ltd., 1 Wellingborough Road, Rushden. Industrial Electrical Contractors. Tel: Rushden 2457

Mary Robinson, 40 High Street, Higham Ferrers, Northants. Tel: Rushden 2050 The Best in Ladies Fashions

Roy Brown, High Street, Higham Ferrers, Northants. Tel: Rushden 53030 Interflora, Finger Tip Floral Service.

John Tarry, 14 Alpine Road, Rushden, Northants. Tel: Rushden 53615 Licenced Trade Products.

A. & S. Footwear Ltd. & George Selwood & Co. Ltd., Rushden, Northants. Tel: Rushden 4331 Shoe Manufacturers.

Peter & Valerie Kent, "Montague Arms", Barnwell, Northants. Tel: Oundle 3726

Tony & Margot Ritson, "Mulso Arms", Finedon, Northants. Tel: Wellingborough 680277

Charles & Gillian Wincott, "Charter Inn", Rothwell, Northants. Tel: Kettering 710453

The Hind Hotel, Sheep Street, Wellingborough, Northants. Tel: Wellingborough 222827 27 Bedrooms with Bath. All modern facilities. ExceUent a la carte restaurant and bars.

"Panache",  Lighting Consultants,  High Street, Higham Ferrers, Northants. Tel: Rushden 50597.

Messrs Barnett & Foster Ltd., Denington Estate, Wellingborough, Northants. Tel: 226331 Manufacturers of Flavours and Fruit Juice Compounds.

Rimark Soft Drinks Ltd., Denington Estate, Wellingborough, Northants.

Northampton Glassware, 213 Wellingborough Road, Northampton. Tel: Northampton 31802

Northern Dairies, Station Road, Rushden. Tel: Rushden 2947

V. W. Huckle, Wellingborough. Cigars, Cigarettes & Tobacco.

Shelton-Orsborn, London Road, Wollaston, Northants. Tel: Wellingborough 664310 & 664380

Advertisers from the local area
Gardencare Landscapes
Kempston Electrical
Saxby's Pork Pies
Bar Services, Yelden
Kettering Tyres
Skoyles, G & A
Braybrook, E W
Guest Travel
Magnum Garages Ltd 
Spriggs, A & Son Ltd
Coleman Bird
Orbit Tyre Co Ltd
D B Carpets
Hanson & Co Ltd
Penn & Simmons
Textile Bonding
D B Shoes
Peter Crisp
John Lee
Phillips of Rushden
White Arches
Evening Telegraph
Johnsons Motors Ltd
Sarah Jane
Winslow Motors
D B Shoes Headland Hanson & Co Ltd
1 - D B Shoes
2 - Headland
3 - Hanson & Co Ltd

Coleman's 1980
4 - Coleman Bird - titled The County Business Services XI

Jan Ward

Coleman Bird

Christine Wookey

Coleman Bird Wellingborough Office Equipment

Miriam Freeman

Coleman Bird
Kettering Office Equipment

Amy Stockwell

Office Equip.

Roy Stevens

Frank Eady Press Printers

Ann Burton

Temporary & Permanent Staff Agency

John Coleman

Team Manager

Bill Farnham


Paul Munday

Walter Knight
Screen Printers

Harry Bird

Coleman Bird
Business Machines

David Carr

Metric Design

Colin Partridge

Coleman Bird
Office Furniture

Dinah Riches

Coleman Bird
Higham Ferrers
Office Equipment

Bar Services White Arches
5 - Bar & Marquee Services, Yelden
6 - White Arches

Winslow & Evening Telegraph Tecnic & Guest Travel
7 - Winslow Motors & Evening Telegraph - 8
9 - Tecnic & Guest Travel - 10

Hamblins Embers
Orbit Kettering Tyres
11 - Hamblins & Orbit Tyre Co Ltd - 12
13 Embers & Kettering Tyres - 14

Sarah Jane D B Carpets
15 - Sarah Jane
16 - D B Carpets
Johnsons Motors Ltd Tilleys
17 - Johnsons Motors Ltd
18 - Tilleys

Textile Bonding & Peter Crisp Magnum & Kempston Electrical
19 - Textile Bonding & Peter Crisp - 20
21 - Magnum Garages & Kempston Electrical Co - 22

E W Braybrook Saxby's Pork Pies
John Lee Penn & Simmons
23 - E W Braybrook & John Lee Motor Cycles - 24
25 - Saxby's Pork Pies & Penn & Simmons - 26

27 - Gardencare Landscapes, Podington

Gateway Phillips of Rushden G & A Skoyles
A Spriggs & Son Ltd
28-Gateway Bldg Soc & Arthur Spriggs & Son-29
30 - Phillips of Rushden
31 - G & A Skoyles

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