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Rushden School production 1995

Cover design by Suzannah Coates
Form 9AF
and by Stephanie Abbott
Form 10FC

Good evening and welcome to
Rushden School's performance of

'Joseph and the Amazing Technlcolor Dreamcoat!'

Over one hundred students are performing on the stage tonight but many more have been involved in this production Mrs. Waddingham's Year Ten Design & Technology students designed and manufactured the costumes for the Potiphar scene as part of their G.C.S.E. examination course; Year Seven produced many colourful posters for display tonight; students submitted designs for our programme cover; Mark Earl, a Sixth Former, is a member of the band; students made many of the props and all the costume accessories; they helped make costumes and have helped backstage and front of house. All these teams of students were supported and encouraged by staff. I would like to thank them all for their time, enthusiasm and hard work in helping to make our first major production not only a whole school effort but also a successful one.

Young people have the capacity to surprise, improvise and excel. This musical gives them every opportunity to do just that. It is exciting and colourful theatre. Most of the student performers have never been involved in such an occasion before so rehearsals were demanding but fun. I feel sure you will have as much fun watching the show as we have had rehearsing it. Thank you for your support.

Enid Cooper

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