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Rushden Echo May 22nd 1914, transcribed by Kay Collins
Northants Amateur Brass Band Association

Brass Band Concert at Rushden

The County Association – Successful Event

A grand brass band concert was held on Saturday in Mr. F. Smith’s field, Bedford-road, Rushden, under the auspices of the Northants Amateur Brass Band Association. It is, we understand, some 20 years or so since an event of this character was held at Rushden, and the re-organisation of such a function was evidently welcomed, judging by the immense number of visitors who thronged the town. The motor ’buses were absolutely packed, and it is no matter for surprise that a record gate resulted. The excellent arrangements were made by Mr. F. W. Page (Wellingborough), president of the association, Mr. J. Northern (Burton Latimer), general secretary, Mr. O. Pentelow (Raunds), chairman of the general committee, and the following local officials:- Messrs. W. Coleman (local secretary), G. Linnell, W. Hardwick, J. Nichols, E. Linnell, A. Watford, J. Watford, J. Craker, H. Roberts, E. Shouler, W. Bone, H. Bazeley, F. Robinson, A. Ekins and T. Litchfield. The bands met at the railway bridge and played to the field.

The competition was divided into two sections, the first section being for bands that had attained previous successes, and the second for bands not having previously won a prize in any contest. Prizes were offered in each of two classes in each section, viz., for quick-step march, and for a selection, own choice in each instance.

The Bands

In the first section comprised:- Burton Latimer (conductor, Mr. T. Preston), Finedon Old (Mr. C. H. Baker), Irthlingborough Town (Mr. T. Preston), Raunds temperance (Mr. O. Pentelow), Rushden Rifle (Mr. C. H. Baker), Thrapston ( Mr. O. Pentelow). The bands in the second section were as follow:- Stanwick United (conductor, Mr. O. Pentelow), Wellingborough Temperance (Mr. E. Brawn).

The Draw

For place in the march contest resulted as followqs, and the title of the march played is indicated in brackets:- Section 1 – 1 Finedon (Senator), 2 Thrapston (Heroes of Liberty), 3 Rushden Rifle (Senator), 4 Irthlingborough (Senator), 5 Raunds (The Cossack), 6 Burton (In Treue Feste). Section2 – 1 Wellingborough Temperance (Heroes of liberty), 2 Stanwick United (Distant Greetings).

In the competition for the selection the bands drew in the following order, the title of the piece being indicated in brackets:- Section 1 – 1 Raunds (Verdi), 2 Rushden Rifle (Verdi), 3 Irthlingboro’ (Halevy), 4 Burton Latimer (Merchandante), 5 Thrapston (Il Trovatore), 6 Finedon (L’Africane). Section2 – 1 Stanwick (Classic Gems), 2 Wellingborough (Classic Gems).

The difficult task of adjudication was in competent hands, Mr. Tom Eastwood, of Marsden, being responsible for this by no means enviable task. Mr. Eastwood has had a lengthy connection with brass bands, having formerly conducted the bands of Linthwaite, Aberaman (South Wales), and Irwell Old (Salford). Out of 30 contests entered Mr. Eastwood’s bands have secured 27 prizes. He won the Belle Vue (Manchester) contest in 1910 with the band of Irwell Old (Salford), and last year he won the grand shield at the Crystal Palace.

Special prizes were also offered in connection with the musical competitions, viz., silver plate for the best instrumentalist by Mr. T. F. B. Newberry, and medals by the president, Mr. F. W. Page for the second and third best soloists of the day and also for the best soloist in the second section. A leg of mutton was also kindly given by Mr. Newberry in connection with a skittle competition, and a watch by Mr. Wanklyn, Rushden, in connection with a corresponding number competition.

The Judge’s Awards

were as follows:-

March contest, section 1 – 1 Raunds Temperance, 2 Thrapston, 3 Irthlingborough Town.

Selection contests, section1 – 1 Finedon Old, 2 Burton Latimer, 3 Rushden Rifle, 4 Raunds.

The awards to the best soloists of the day were as follow:- Section1 — 1 Cornet of Burton Latimer Band, 2 Horn of Rushden Rifle Band, 3 Horn of Finedon Band. Dection 2 – Cornet of Stanwick Band.

The skittle competition was won by Mr. A. Houghton, the second and third prizes being divided between Messrs. W. Goodfellow and Bennett.

The winning number in the corresponding number competition is, we understand, to be announced through the press.

At the conclusion of the contest, the president (Mr. F. W. Page, on behalf of the association, expressed thanks to the public for their magnificent support. The association had, he said, held three contests, commencing last year at Wellingborough and finishing at Burton latimer. He thought that the contest held at Rushden that day had financially eclipsed Wellingborough (Applause) He expressed thanks to the donors of special prizes, viz., Mr. Newberry and Mr. Wanklyn, and mentioned that in whatever place a contest was held, the local committee made all the arrangements. There were now eleven bands in the association.

The judge, in handing his remarks to the president, said in regard to the playing of the bands in the first section, that his task had been one of the most pleasant experiences he had had. Two things had gone to make it so, the first being the most excellent playing, and the second the variety of pieces played. He was agreeably surprised at the standard of excellence attained by two or three of the bands, and he was pleased to know that something was being done to encourage second-class bands, as without second-class bands there could be no first class. He asked the public to refrain from criticism of his decision until they had been afforded an opportunity of reading his remarks in the Press.

The gate takings, exclusive of enclosure amounted to £27/1/8, and the skittle competition produced a profit of £1/15/8.

The tea booth was in charge of Mr. A. Minney, Rushden, and Mr. F. Holton, of the Boot Inn, Wellingborough, was responsible for the canteen.

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