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Transcribed and presented by Greville Watson, 2019
Rushden Amateur Theatrical Society


Cover RATS Robinson Crusoe 1982






JAN. 4, 5, 6, 9, 11, 12, 13,

Arnold Peters RATS Robinson Crusoe 1982
Arnold Peters
When the R.A.T.S. presented their first panto ‘Babes in the Wood’ it was produced by Arnold Peters.  For this our 20th panto, ‘Robinson Crusoe’ we are delighted to welcome him back again.
A member of the B.B.C. Drama Repertory Company, Arnold has broadcast on over 2,500 occasions.  Currently he portrays the character of Jack Wooley in ‘the Archers’.  He has written, directed and appeared in many pantomimes; he has toured with ‘My Fair Lady’; his films include ‘A Man for all Seasons’, ‘Cromwell’ and Walt Disney’s ‘Diamonds on Wheels’.  You may have seen him on television in ‘Duchess of Duke Street’, ‘Citizen Smith’, ‘Porridge’, ‘It Ain’t ’Arf Hot Mum’, ‘War and Peace’ among many others.  He has recently appeared in ‘Angels’ and ‘To the Manor Born’ and has just filmed scenes for the new series of ‘Last of the Summer Wine’.
So you see we have a producer of wide experience.
Our Musical Director this year is David Gomm.  David has played in the R.A.T.S. orchestra for many years hidden from view, now you have the opportunity to see him as he conducts the orchestra.  Since David lives in London we have created a new position this year; we welcome Geof Gilpin as our Chorus Master.  We are sure that, as you listen to the music, you will appreciate their hard work.  Once again Robina cooper is our Choreographer; no panto would be the same without its dancing girls.
But without the many R.A.T.S., both on stage and behind the scenes, we could not present ‘Robinson Crusoe’, and without you, our audience, it would not be worthwhile; so we welcome you all.  We trust you will enjoy the panto and tell your friends.

Ben C.


G. Gilpin
T. Tomalin
D. Garland
R. Henson
T. Preston
E. Allen
R. Ruff

David RATS Robinson Crusoe 1982

Robinson Crusoe

Our story opens in the port of Hull as sailors prepared the good ship Venturer; ready to sail the seven seas seeking fame and fortune.  The Master of the ship, our hero Robinson Crusoe, is saying his fond farewells to pretty Polly Perkins.  Atkins, better known to the landed gentry as Sir William, but to all good seafaring folk as Will Atkins the pirate, is plotting dastardly deeds with the Bosun and the Mate.  Mother Crusoe, landlady of the Mucky Duck, is looking for a man as usual, a real man, whilst her younger son, Billy, spends his time playing the fool or trying to chat up Jill a local beauty.
Aboard the Venturer there is a treasure map pointing the way to untold wealth.
Whose is it?  Who’s got it?  Who wants it?  Who’s going to have it?  Before we can find out the answers to these questions the wind blows, the sea swells, the tempest rages and soon they are all on their way to Davy Jones’ locker.  Shipwrecked on a desert island Robinson befriends a frightened native whom he calls Man Friday.  Here he finds the treasure, defeats Atkins and saves all his friends from the cannibal cook pot.
Rescued by the Royal Navy they all return to Hull to live happily ever after.

Musical Numbers
Christmas Overture
The fleet's in port
Life on the ocean wave
Clap your hands
42nd Street
Those magnificent men
Be back soon
Don't sit under the apple tree
Bobbing along
I've never been in love before
Sea shanties
Trust in me
Vulcans song
Two pigeons

Jungle rhythm
Anybody seen our ship
Some day I'll find you
Pink Panther
Yellow bird
When you're sailing
Bibbidi Bobbidi boo
On a wonderful day like today
He played his ukulele
Never fully dressed without a smile
Boom Bang a Bang
You can't feed a cow on coconuts
If my friends could see me now
Thats entertainment

Our story unfolds in the following scenes:
Scene 1
Scene 2
Scene 3
Scene 4
Scene 5
Scene 6
Scene 7

Scene 8
Scene 9
Scene 10

The Port of Hull
A cabin on board the Venturer
The ocean depths
Davy Jones Locker
15 mins.
On the island
Another part of the island
(a few days later)
The island stockade
Back in Hull
Robinson Crusoe's Manor

Cast (in order of appearance)
Davy Jones
Lieutenant Halyard
Will Atkins
Polly Perkins
Mrs Crusoe
Billy Crusoe
Robinson Crusoe
Sprit of the Sea
Man Friday

John Jones
Peter Carpenter
Bob Martin
Philip Hanzlik
John Stringer
Julie Wilbur
David Wicks
Sally Baish
Buckit Chambers
Pauline Wildman
Patricia Richardson
Sarah Keegan
Tony Marks
Ian Challen

Julie & Pauline RATS Crusoe 1982
Julie and Pauline

David & Junior Dancers RATS Crusoe 1982
David and the Junior Dancers

Cast RATS Robinson Crusoe 1982
Buckit, Peter, John, Bob and Philip

David Coleman, Gareth Evans, Merve Goddard, Maria Grimmett, Susan Keech, Sarah Keegan, Carol Malins, Lisa Nicholson, Clare O'Brien, Doug Pateman, Jon Sidey, Wendy Stott, Ann Wilmer, Andrew Windatt, Lesley Young.

Sarah Cross, Nicola Dellar, Stacy Fillingham, Gail Holland, Lisa Hemmington, Lucianne Mayes, Sarah Pott, Debbie Ryan, Kaye Smith, Wendy Smith, Diane Straw, Amanda Wilkins.

Junior Dancers
Charis Butler, Hilary Challen, Emma Dicks, Polly Hope, Catherine Matthias, Carin Neville, Krista Neville, Tammy McLaren, Alexandra Pope, Victoria Pope, Francis Pow, Nicola Sanderson, Karen Taylor, Samantha Tomlin, Carol Wadsworth, Elizabeth Walker, Rebecca Waterman, Sarah Whiting, Karen Woolhouse, Martine Woolhouse.

Simon Baker, Jemma O'Brien, Alison Bolton, Julie Nash, Lisa Pettit, Kate Rawlins, Jayne Short, Sarah Tofield, Tracey Tofield, Joanne Tew, Lisa Wilson, Sally Wood, (Members of the New Experience).

Production Team
Stage Managers

Asst. Stage Manager
Musical Director
Chorus Master
Auditorium Manager
Call Boy


Make Up

Stage Hands


Arnold Peters
Pat Catlin
Len Gomm
Mick Walker
David Gomm
Geof. Gilpin
Robina Cooper
Cliff Jeffries
Margaret Coleman
John Curson
Paulinen Longland
Judy Tomlinson
Ena Carpenter
Pat Catlin
Sandra East
Eileen Hope
Clive Durrant
Brian Bateman
Kaye Rawlins
Tony Dale
Stephen Ball
Len Berrill
Derek Cooper
Jerry Groome
Mick Jackson
Neal King
Nick Kirk
Paul Longland
David Pateman
Gordon Pateman
Chris Ruff
Ken Smith
Chris Thorburn
Jim Hope
Kim Ball
Duncan Hope
Miriam Joyce
Jeanette King


Box Office


Programme Sellers

Scenery by

Properties by
Wardrobe by

Roger Norman
Arthur Holloman
Trevor Bailey
Andrew Billington
Nigel Bird
Chris Catlin
John Hoer
David Stott
Margaret Bland
Peggy Coles
Connie Holt
Moyra Smith
Phyllis Smith
Jean Wilbur
Pam Mimms
Bert Catlin
Chris Catlin
John Catlin
Jeanette King
Mick Walker
Pauline Wildman
Harold Binder
Gerry Myers
Mick Neville
Phil Smith
Keith Vaughan
Spencer Redden
Hilda Abbott
Glenis Haynes
Jean Pentlow
Freada Redden
Vicky Redden
James Fredricks &
R.A.T.S. Workshop
R.A.T.S. Workshop
R.A.T.S. Wardrobe

Cast RATS Robinson Crusoe 1982
Sally, Buckit & Tony

Cast RATS Robinson Crusoe 1982
John, Sarah, Peter & Tony

R.A.T.S. Committee
Vice Chairman

Allen Goulsbra
Ben Catlin
Ena Carpenter
Jim Hope
Bert Catlin
Pat Catlin
Ian Challen
Len Gomm
Glenis Haynes
Bob Martin
Spencer Redden
Mick Walker
Pauline Wildman
Publicity Sub Committee
Ian Challen
Merve Goddard
Bob Martin
New Experience Sub Committee

Gordon Pateman
Glenis Haynes
Bettina Curson
Grace Berrill
Len Berrill
Doug Pateman
Kaye Rawlins
Wendy Stott
David Wicks

Geoff, Robina and Arnold

Senior Dancers RATS Robinson Crusoe 1982
Senior Dancers

Chorus RATS Robinson Crusoe 1982

Cast RATS Robinson Crusoe 1982
On the Island

Cast RATS Robinson Crusoe 1982
David and Tony

The R.A.T.S. would like to thank :

The Directors, Management and staff of the Ritz for their help.
The East Northamptonshire Co-operative Society for use of premises.
Miss Cherry and John Childs for rehearsal rooms at Higham Ferrers Infants School.
The Windmill Club, Higham Ferrers Adult School, The Victoria Hotel, The Hamlyn Publishing Group and Mencap Y.C. for use of rooms.
The St. John Ambulance Brigade for their attendance at the Ritz.
Skew Bridge Ski Club, The Anglia Building Society and Bernard A. Potter (Insurance) Ltd. for use of premises for publicity.
Frank Langley, C. Howe, P. Marshall and Whitworth Holdings for transport.
The Evening Telegraph for publicity.
Frank Phypers and Fred Page for artwork.
Steve Hawes for photographs.
P & C Engineers for properties.
Robert Marriott Ltd; Ellis and Everard Ltd.
Our Advertisers.
Paul Mundy of Walter Knight Ltd. for poster.
Arca Press for this programme.

To all our many friends, who have not been named, for all their help in this production; Thank You.

We were grieved to learn of the deaths of three of the R.A.T.S. family during the past year.

was a member of the back stage staff since our production of Oliver in 1969.  His work both behind the scenes and in the workshop has enabled us to stage the panto spectaculars for which Rushden is known.

was one of our dressers during panto week.  At rehearsals her cups of tea assuaged many a chorus member’s thirst.

was always a willing helper in time of need.  On occasions when our regular accompanists were absent Janet would always step into the breach.

To those left behind the R.A.T.S. family extend their heartfelt sympathy.

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