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Rushden Mission Band

Photo of Mission Band Marching up Skinners Hill in the 1930s
Marching in the 1930s

Mission Band Tape 1993
(includes audio clips)
Centenary Concert 1998
(inc. audio clip and e-book)

 Organ Grinders, Mission Bands, and Salvation Army

The Clerk said he had also received a new bye-law prohibiting anyone from playing a musical instrument on a highway within 50 yards of a house after an intimation to desist.

Mr. Spencer: Does this apply to the Salvation Army?

The Clerk: Yes, to everything.

Mr. Spencer thought this a most ridiculous bye-law to make. If the bye-law had been framed to meet the case of organ-grinders alone, the others should have been excluded from it, but now it would stop any band or open air mission.

Mr. Skinner: You would not interfere with a good band.

Mr. Denton said that if the bye-law was intended to put down the Salvation Army and other mission meetings it would become inoperative and would have to be repealed.

The question then dropped.

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