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Band Contests

Wellingborough News, 29th August 1890, transcribed by Kay Collins

THE RETURN OF THE VICTORS—Rushden seldom does a thing by halves, and the reception that was accorded the local bands on Saturday evening on their return from Stanwick contest was such a one that any community of people might well feel proud of. The results of the contest were not known till late in the evening, and then a scene of great enthusiasm ensued, many hundreds starting off to meet the victors to give them a hearty reception. The National band was the first to arrive about 9 o'clock, and accompanied by flags and torches played up to the Conservative Club, where they received quite an ovation from a crowd which must have numbered over a thousand persons.—The Temperance arrived shortly after, and at once a monster torch light procession was formed and headed by the County Challenge Cup (which they had just won) marched to the Coffee Tavern where the streets were completely blocked for some time by a crowd three or four thousand strong, who cheered them lustily for some time. As will be seen by the report of the contest in another column the Rushden bands brought six prizes home with them, viz., three 1sts, two 2nds, and one 3rd. [see Band Contest 1890 at Stanwick]

Rushden Echo & Argus, 10th March 1950, transcribed by Kay Collins

Local Bands in Midland Contest
To-morrow (Saturday) five Northamptonshire bands will, compete for the "Daily Herald" Midland Area Brass Band Championship, to be held at the Albert Hall, Nottingham. They are Rushden Temps., Munn and Felton's, Kettering, Rushden Town, Rushden Mission and Wollaston Town Silver.

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