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The Rushden Echo,  21st August 1914, transcribed  by Gill Hollis.
Rushden’s New Band Stand

The Formal Opening - A Useful Gift To The Town

  The formal opening of the new band stand which has been erected in Spencer Park, Rushden, according to the designs of Mr. W. B. Madin (town surveyor), took place last night. The Rushden Temperance, Rifle, and Mission Bands met on the Green at 7 p.m., and marched to Spencer Park, playing spirited music en route. A large crowd assembled round the band stand.

  Mr. C. Cross (Chairman of the Band Stand Committee) formally unlocked the gate of the band stand and presented the key to Mr. J. S. Clipson, J.P. (chairman of the Rushden Urban Council), on behalf of the town.

  The opening ceremony then took place. Mr. Clipson presided, supported by Messrs. F. Knight, J.P. (chairman of the Recreation Ground Committee), J. Claridge, J.P., C.C.,T. Swindall, T. Wilmott and J. Spencer (members of the Urban Council), C. Cross, B. Sanders, Bernard Tomkins and W. W. Rial (members of the Band Stand Committee).

  The Chairman said they had met under pleasant circumstances compared with the sad times through which they as a nation were passing.

Handed Over To The Town

  Mr. C. Cross said that about four years ago Mr. Bert Sanders suggested to him that the time had come when a band stand should be erected in Rushden, a town famous for its bands. He agreed, and at once they formed a committee, with Mr. J. S. Clipson as treasurer and Mr. Bert Sanders as secretary. They set to work to collect funds, and met with a generous response, but a difficulty arose with regard to a site, the only one then available being the Council Field in Park-road. For a time the matter was left in abeyance, and when the Council decided to open the Recreation Ground the committee again set to work, and raised over £50. On behalf of the committee and of every subscriber he now asked the Chairman of the Urban Council to accept the band stand for the use of the bands and choirs of the town.  (Applause.)

  Mr. Clipson said he had very great pleasure in accepting the Band Stand on behalf of the Urban Council as coming from the Band Stand Committee, for the use of the town of Rushden. When he was Chairman of the Urban Council on previous occasions he had had the pleasure of accepting the Free Library and that had been of very great service to the town. The present gift was perhaps not quite so important as the Library but it was gratifying to have a band stand for the good bands that Rushden possessed. (Applause.) 

  The Rushden Mission Band, conducted by Mr. J. Wildman, then played from the stand “Country life” (Round). The massed male voice choirs of Rushden gave in very fine style the selection “Martyrs of the arena,” Mr. Bert Sanders conducting. The Rushden Rifle Band gave the next item, and played in a creditable manner “Beauties of England” (Newton). Mr. C. H. Baker conducted. A selection, “The Long day closes,” was sung very effectively by the massed choirs, and the Rushden Temperance Band completed an excellent programme with the selection “Faust No. 1.” Mr. Fred Robinson efficiently conducting. The bands had drawn for the order of playing.  Mr. Bert Sanders arranged the programme for the choir.

Rushden Echo, 5th May 1916, transcribed by Kay Collins

An excellent programme of music was given by the Rushden Mission and Temperance Bands on Sunday afternoon, in Spencer Park, as follows:-
March, Heroes of the Mine (R. Farrimond); fantasia, Alexandra (Sidney Dacre); entr’acte, Menai Bells (Geo. W. Senogles); fantasia, Sons of the Sea (W. Rimmer); selection, Behold and See, Recit, and Chorus (Handel); fantasia, Scenes of Beauty (F. Le Duc.). The conductor was Mr. Fred Robinson. The weather was very fine and there were many present.

Rushden Echo, 13th August 1926, transcribed by Kay Collins

Rushden Bandsmen’s Decision - Concerts to be Resumed
Dispute with the Urban Council Settled

The Rushden Echo exclusively reported a meeting of the four bands of Rushden recently where grievances against playing in the bandstand in Spencer Park were made public and criticisms were offered on the attitude of the Rushden Council on the matter. The subject was afterwards taken up by Northampton and other newspapers.

We are pleased today to publish news (in our account of a meeting of the Rushden Urban Council) of a satisfactory settlement. The bandsmen who met the Emergency Committee of the Rushden Council for a final pronouncement tell us that they left the meeting – which lasted but a few minutes – with the fullest satisfaction both with the tone and the promise made by the Committee.

At the original (protest) meeting, the bandsmen unanimously decided that they would not give any more concerts from the stand until the Council had promised to make some improvements. Such promise, our report shows, was made, and concerts will now continue.

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