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Early Carnival Pictures
Before 1950

If you can identify people, occasion, or year, please contact us.

crowded street
Crowds passing the Coffee Tavern
c1900 - possibly after a parade?
Band passing A Busby & Co
Note the gates and railings c1900
Another Band in the same place.
?did Charles Smith take these photos from an upstairs window?

parade c1920s
In the 1920s?

119 High Street
Passing H G Hope's shop in the early 1920s
formerly Joseph Green's.

The Fire Brigade
The Fire Brigade - perhaps in 1928?

Tea Drinking Day - 1921 - St Mary's Sunday School leading
This parade is passing the old Coach & Horses and going to the Rectory Field for tea

Thought to be St Mary's Girls' Club in the 1920s - dressed up perhaps for the carnival?
The tallest girl is Ethel Shortland.

These two boys are Jack Waller and Sydney Norman entered
as no. 57 in Class I. The date is given as 24/9/1921 and was
taken in the same place as the picture below
This is titled Ring O Roses 1921 Rushden Fete
This comes as Denton's entry - Henry VIII - but which year?
The photo was taken by W Lacey
Entry No. 35 - HMS Lawrence
Entry No. 35 - HMS Lawrence - but which year?
Could this be from Knight & Lawrence shoe firm?
Believed to be taken in 1919
This is believed to be taken in 1919

These two maybe from the same year
The first has a boy with no. 70 on his hat and a man in the other has a no.71

1930s parade
This one is a little later in the 1930s marching past the Royal Theatre

Thought to be 1950
This one is thought to be 1950 - the children are not wearing coats yet it appears to be raining - all the adults have overcoats on!

United Sunday School Treat 1913
This photograph by C F Chapman is captioned United Sunday School Treat 1913
"God Bless Our Queen"
The banner centre picture reads "God Bless Our Queen"
An unknown parade
An unknown parade again photographed by C F Chapman

Scouts passing the church and Arthur Robinson's undated

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