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Joe Mitchell - Boxer

Joe Mitchell
Joe Mitchell, born 1884

Rushden Echo, 7th May 1909, transcribed by Kay Collins

Rushden Boxer Beaten—On Monday the Northampton Terriers brought their series of boxing entertainments to a close. In the principal contest Gunner A. Coles, R.H.A., of Northampton, knocked out Joe Mitchell, of Rushden, in the eighth and last round. There was some dispute about the weights, Coles being alleged to be over-weight. The fight, however, proceeded. The first round saw honours easy, nothing brilliant being done on either side. Mitchell was apparently leading in the second round, but he went down, and rose again just before the bell rang. The Gunner was showing a good defence which came in useful in the third round. The fourth round was mainly taken up by sparring, which was tedious to watch. In the next round Coles got home once or twice. The sixth round was productive of no excitement at all, but in the seventh, both men received on the jaw. Coles soon had his man beaten, and punished him heavily about the head and face. There was not much doubt about the verdict, for four times did Mitchell go to the ground. Coles had thus a very popular win. C. Lines, of Rushden, won the club competition.

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