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1950s photographs courtesy of Mollie Smith

Query Club in the 1950s

At Wymington in 1951 - 1st on left is Barbara Wardell
1951 - 2nd from left Jack Wardell
Front - Barbara Wardell
At Wymington 1951 - Barbara Wardell 2nd from left
Wymington - year unknown - Barbara Wardell left
At Yelden about 1950 - Basil Hall leading
Wymington 1951 - unknown rider
Jack Wardell - year unknown

Please let us know if you
can identify any of the
people shown.

Janet & Susan Hales - Jul 1953 at a Query Club meeting

1950s carnival entry
1950s carnival entry No 13
Rushden Echo & Argus, 29th April 1955, transcribed by Kay Collins

The Rushden and District Query Motor Club

Motor Cycle Scramble Racing
at Rushden

(The Nook Field, Wymington)
Sunday, May 1st

First Race 2 p.m.

The largest entry of riders we have ever received

Refreshments - Ices

Accommodation, for 10,000 Spectators

Admission 2/- Children 1/-

Scramble has record entry

So many entries have been received for Rushden Query Motor Club's motor cycle scramble at Wymington on Sunday that some have had to be refused.

Among the entry—the biggest ever received by the club, are Bryan Sharp, Royal Corps of Signals star, Bert Sharp, Bill Barley, and a number of works entries.

courtesy of Richard Lewis
1951 - in September they
moved to The Nook
1952 - May 4th at The Nook
1953 - at The Nook
on May 3rd, July 5th and Oct 4th
1954 & 1955 - April was at Overstone Park & Sept at The Nook
1956 at Overstone Park

Unidentiified newsclip, May 1952 meeting:

TORRENTIAL RAIN for more than two hours did not dampen riders enthusiasm at Rushden and District Query Motor Club's first scramble of the year at the Nook Field, Wymington, on Sunday. They carried on under the most hazardous conditions possible. The course soon churned into a morass and spills were plentiful. Only one mishap was serious, however, and G. Walker, of Peterborough, broke a collar bone.

Spectators also braved the elements and at the start there was the biggest crowd ever at a Wymington meeting. All sorts of ingenious methods were used in sheltering from the rain and St. John ambulance men crept under the awning made by leaning their stretchers against cars.

Brian Stonebridge was again the outstanding rider and was first in the 350 and 500cc events and second in the handicap. Local favourites Bert Sharpe and H. J. ‘Monty’ Banks, also did well. Riders came from Northampton, Ely, Peterborough, Wycombe, Kenton and Kingsbury, Luton Cambridge, Bedford, Bishops Stortford and Tottenham.

Unidentiified newsclip, April 1953 meeting:

Opposed by Church: Scramble a Record

LAST-MINUTE admonishment from local clergy had little effect on the Rushden Query Motor Club's first scramble of the season, a record crowd of 5000 attending the Nook Field, Wymington, on Sunday.

A second record was pro­vided by the number of competitors, 52 taking part. Monty Banks, of Grasshop­per Club, was the outstanding rider. He won three events—­the 250, 350 and 500 c.c. classes—and displayed some first-class riding in the handicap, in which he was back marker.

Generally speaking, it was not a good day for two-strokes, which seemed to be out in even larger numbers than usual.

Unidentiified newsclip, May 1953 meeting:

BUSIEST MEN at Rushden and District Query Club's scramble at the Nook Field, Wymington, on Sunday, were those of the St. John Ambulance Brigade. They dealt with three fractures and the ambulance went twice to Northampton General Hospital and once to Bedford.

The casualties were F. Straughan, of Matchless M.C.C., who fractured a collar bone in a heat of the 500 c.c. event, and went to Bedford. D. J. Darbey (Northampton) fractured his pelvis while practising during the morning and G. Jackson (Matchless M.C.C.) fractured his scapula.

Two of the accidents occurred at the same spot and many other riders who came to grief at this point received treatment for minor injuries.

The meeting attracted the biggest entry ever and in some heats there were 12 competitors.

Unidentiified newsclip, April 1954 meeting:

Crowd Gasped at his escape

HAROLD HILL, of Birmingham, and his sidecar passenger, 19-year-old Barry Cox, provided nearly five thousand motor cycle racing fans with the greatest thrill of the afternoon at Overstone Park yesterday. But the pair went home disappointed.

A run of bad luck for Harold began at Northampton while on his way to the first grass track meeting organised by Rushden and District Query Motor Club since before the war. His car became punctured. The track was reached, however, by "pumping up" along the way.

Racing through to qualify for the final of the 500 c.c. side-car event, the dare-devil pair were all set for a winning afternoon, but Lady Luck had different ideas.

Came the final lap, Harold and Barry were lying third and challenging strongly. And then it happened.

A rider in front braked. Harold’s machine contacted with it, completely overturned and pinned him to the ground. Barry was thrown clear. The crowd gasped, but the couple were unhurt.

Harold, out of the afternoon’s racing, said in the pits as he repaired a puncture; “What bad luck. It is the first time in two years that I have never won anything.”

motorcycle & side-car
DID he fall or was he pushed? Neither. This side­car passenger at the Rushden and District Query Motor Club's grass track meeting at Overstone Park yesterday is merely playing an important part in negotiating a corner at speed.

Evening Telegraph, undated - possibly 1950s?

First woman vice-president for club

TWO new vice-presidents were elected at last night's annual meeting of Rushden and District Query Motor Club, at the Oakley Arms, Rushden.

One of these, Mrs. Jean Hales, becomes the first woman vice-president, in the history of the club. The other new vice-president was the retiring chairman Mr. G. Willis.

The club pledged full support to the forthcoming Rushden Carnival. The following officers were elected:-
President, Mr. Bill Holt: treasurer, Mr. A. J. Harris: general secretary, Mr Ray Robinson: minute secretary, Mrs J Mobley: sports secretary, Mr D Mobley: main secretary, Mr J Ward: social secretary, Mr E Pellow: club news editor, Mr J Woodford: chairman, Mr C Sharp: vice-chairman, Mr C Wood: committee members, Messrs G Dandy, A Penness, A Patenall, R White, A Woolford, S Joyce, K Willis, G Horn.

All existing vice-presidents were re-elected.

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