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Scouts Band
1st Rushden Bugle Band

Extract: news re A H Chubb killed in WWI

...another son, Bugler W A Chubb, DCLI, went through the retreat from Mons and was subsequently invalided home with dysentery. He is now out of the Army, being time-expired.

1st Rushden Bugle Band c1917

Trainer Mr Chubb, Big Drum H Wilford. Players include Wagstaff,
E Spencer, Frank Ayres, Reg Sugars, C Robinson, Bates, G Fountain.

Scouts Band
Scout Band in the 1920s

Scouts Band
The 1st Rushden Scout Band - c1920
A Tomkins, F Pinnock, D Clayton, J Allen, S Sharpe, B Smith, R Knight

Scouts Band - end
Scout Band - the last
After this picture was taken the big drum was broken up!

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