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Article and photographs, Paul Wright 2021
Spencer Park
New Equipment in 2021

Colourful new equipment was installed in Spencer Park in the early part of summer, 2021.

logo tennis
Wicksteed leisure logo.
Future local tennis stars maybe.

Wicksteed Park has been around for a century over at Kettering, so it is good to see their manufacturing name on some of the brightly coloured metalwork.

Spencer Park has always enjoyed several sports and leisure facilities over the years, and it is good to see a spruce up of some old, and some new activity equipment.

climbing swings
The good old swings.

Now all ages can enjoy the refurbishment. The tennis courts always seem to get extra patronage after the Wimbledon fortnight, and a netball court is located near to the entrance from Spencer Road and Hayway.

Football pitches are still well supported, sadly the goal posts have been taken down, due to bad behaviour, and damage caused.

Cable wire slide rides are going to be popular with the youngsters, all this adds to the fun that can be enjoyed down at Spencer Park.

netball zip wire
Netball net.
Sun and fun.

Also in 2021 some work to the brook and to some the fencing. The entrance from mid way along Hayway.

new fencing
Hayway entrance now with new fencing.
Photo by Mervyn Wood

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